DIY 80’s Party Invitation

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Anyone else remember the fun-loving, big-haired 80’s?  So-ooo, the 80’s brought us many, many fashion don’ts, but you have to remember the 80’s fondly for the bright and fun-loving attitude.  My friend Holly, at The Coconut Head’s Survival Guide is sharing a Totally Awesome 80’s Tablescape today.  When she told me her idea, I knew I just had to ride along on her neon coattails and make a Totally Rad DIY 80’s Party Invitation to go along with it. Grab your jelly bracelets and Raybans and cruise on over to the party, dude.

DIY 80's Party Invitation - Organized 31
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DIY 80's Party Invitation - Organized 31

You know I had to start  with a repurposed item – a thrifted tin. (maybe even from the 80’s?)

DIY 80's Party Invitation - Organized 31

I gathered my other supplies from around the house.

DIY 80's Party Invitation - Organized 31

I cut the card stock to fit the lid of the tin and taped off a space in the middle for text.  My friend, J., came over to help me with this craft (he-ey, J.!).  At first we were going to do a spatter paint decoration, but the 80’s must be too distant in our past because we decided it would be too messy (my 80’s self would be disappointed). Instead we went with a bright graphic look that was fast and easy to do with paint pens and sparkle fabric paint.  Hint: Use painters tape to mask off your text area,  I used masking tape and it tore my paper a bit when I removed it.

DIY 80's Party Invitation - Organized 31

I cut computer paper to fit the box and taped 2 sheets together so that it would open up for lots of decorating and text area. Have a blast with corny 80’s movie lines and creating your own bright 80’s graphics.

DIY 80's Party Invitation - Organized 31

I made sure to leave space to add the date, time, address and special 80’s fashion advice.

DIY 80's Party Invitation - Organized 31

And there you have it.  A very easy and gnarly DIY 80’s Party Invitation. 

DIY 80's Party Invite - Organized 31

To bring you a happy 80’s music, fashion and dance smile here are the Jets with Crush.    Aa-and for your amusement, my daughters and I dressed as 80’s girls one Halloween several years ago.

 What was your favorite 80’s band or fashion mistake choice?

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    1. You’ve Got It (The Right Stuff), Sharroyn. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. For the non NKOTB fans, that’s the title of one of their hits.

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  2. I love this! I can see this idea being used for so many different types of parties or just as a sweet and fun note to someone you care for. By the way, you and your daughters look great! Knowing you, that outfit was being saved in the closet for a wonderful craft and you just hadn’t cut it up yet.

    1. I’m silly sentimental and have a few things that have survived my cleaning purges (two of which were the 80’s hat and skirt!)

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