Dyed Easter Eggs from a Store-Bought Kit

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Dyed Easter Eggs from a store-bought kit - Organized 31

My husband thoroughly enjoys dyeing Easter eggs and he’s passed the tradition on to our children.  You may remember that last year I shared the Mr. and Mrs. Humpty Dumpty that my youngest daughter designed.  We usually dye eggs the day before Easter, so these are photos of last year’s creations.  Please let this proud mama share the creations that my children made with dyed Easter Eggs from a store-bought dye kit.

My children used a plain old store-bought dye kit to make these fun Easter egg designs.  The key is to use crayons to add details.

The Humpty Dumpty Easter Egg Family - Organized 31

My youngest daughter added a baby to the Humtpy Dumpty family.  She used a black crayon to add faces after the eggs were dyed and a yellow crayon for Mr. Dumpty’s belt buckle. The kit came with small stickers, so she added a flower stick to Mrs. Dumpty’s “hair.”

Jake & Finn Easter Eggs #AdventureTime - Organized 31

My son is a big Adventure Time fan and made a Jake the dog egg using a crayon to add details.  My youngest daughter was charmed by the Jake egg and made a matching Finn egg.  She used a paper reinforcement ring cut in half for the ears on Jake’s hat.  If you’re not familiar with Adventure Time, check out this picture to see how accurate these egg characters are.

All-American Dyed Egg - Organized 31

 My oldest daughter warmed my veteran’s heart with her All-American egg.  She used a wax crayon to add the details to the egg before dyeing it. 

#Adventure Time Dyed Easter Eggs - Organized 31

I can’t wait to see what fun new designs the kids come up with this year.  And one more time, just because these Adventure Time eggs are too cute…

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  1. Hi Susan – I felt like I was right there with your family making the Easter eggs. I have such fond memories as a child making Easter eggs! Hugs, Holly

  2. These are so cute! I love it when families get together and do things like this. I bet your family had a lot of fun with it.

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