Small Gift Ideas for Any Occassion

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I enjoy crafting and I enjoy giving gifts. There are only so many birthdays and holidays that I can use as motivation to make crafty gifts. I’m always looking for more crafting inspirations. I’ve found that I enjoy making small gift ideas to give as just because gifts. You know, those occasions when you just want to give someone a small celebratory gift or a pick-me-up gift or a small thank you gift or… I just find that there are many small gift occasions in my life.  

overhead view of 2 packs of gum decorated to look like shirts with ties on white wood table

These adorable shirtfront chewing gum gift ideas are easy enough to make with children, but fun enough to bring a smile to even the most discriminating adult. 

close up of 2 packs of gum decorated to look like man and woman's shirts with ties

My family and everyone I know enjoys chewing gum (I don’t think I even know anyone who doesn’t like to chew gum.) We always have several packs of gum around our house, in our car, in my purse, in a backpack, and I could keep going on. Gum is also a great treat that you can share with friends. There are not many other treats that are as easy (and sanitary) to share with others. I find that I’m often with coworkers, friends or even a new acquaintance when someone pulls out a pack of  gum and then offers it to the rest of the group. It’s a friendly gesture and giving a small gift of a decorated pack of gum is just that much more friendly. I’ve made several of these decorated gum packs to have on hand so that I’m always ready when a small gift occasion arises. (I’m smiling just anticipating the next time I can give one of these small gifts to someone.)

Small Gift Ideas


Rectangular Gum Package –   

Sold Color Card Stock Paper – This is a great opportunity to use up some of your paper stash. You’ll need a piece at least 3 1/8 inches by 4 1/4 inches. I chose paper that coordinated with the colors of my gum packaging. 

Decorative Paper – Use up the small scraps from your paper stash. 

Embellishments – You may want to add embellishments like sequins, beads and such to create your decorated shirts. 

Scissors or Paper Cutter 

overhead view of decorative paper, tape, scissors and 2 packs of gum

Double Stick Tape and Craft Glue – I prefer to use double stick tape, but you can use  craft glue and you’ll need it if you add small embellishments, like the sequins I used. 

pack of gum, paper cut with arrows and measurements

Trim your solid color paper to a piece that is 3 1/8 inches wide and 4 1/4 inches tall. Using the measurements below, mark the start of your diagonal cuts and the end of the cuts with a light pencil mark. Cut the two diagonal slits. Fold the flaps over to look like a shirt collar. Don’t worry too much about making these cuts. They don’t have to be perfect. You’re creating a cute craft, not dressing a queen or king. (I’m saying this mainly to my own perfectionist self.)

2 papercrafted button shirts with roll of tape and bottle of glue

Draw your scarf for the ladies’ shirt and tie and pocket for the men’s shirt by freehand. Use double stick tape to add the scarf or tie and to stick down the collar flaps. Use craft glue to add sequins for button on the ladies’ shirt. 

close up of hands holding small piece of paper and pencil coloring the edges of the paper

Use the edge of a pencil to lightly shade the edges of the shirt pocket. This helps make it stand out a bit more from the rest of the shirt (the pocket blends in, is barely noticeable and not worth the time cutting out that tiny embellishment if you don’t shade the edges).

You can use double stick tape to stick the shirt fronts directly to the gum packaging, but I prefer to add a band so that the shirt becomes a gum wrapper sleeve that can be removed and then slipped back onto the package. Adding the band allows you to give these small gift ideas with the intact wrapping. The recipient can remove the shirt wrapper, remove the packaging and return the shirt wrapper to the case to decorate the gum container while they are using it. This allows them to keep a happy reminder of their small gift and your affection.

2 packs of gum laying next to paper crafted button shirts the size of the gum packs

Simply wrap a 1 1/2 inch wide strip around the gum case and tape the shirt front to the band edges. 

close up of 2 decorated packs of gum with sticks pulled out of one of them

The shirt gum wrapper sleeve fits over the still wrapped gum package and also over the opened gum package. Look at the durable, recycled packaging case that holds the gum.

close up of blue button shirt with plaid tie made from paper in front of gum pack

You can tailor (pun intended) the colors and patterns for your small gift recipient.  Use favorite colors, favorite team colors, school colors or a color that coordinates with the gum packaging. You could add a bow tie, a bolo tie, a pocket square a vest or anything you that tickles your creative fancy. 

overhead view of orange paper woman's shirt with buttons and scarf on pack of gum with sticks of gum pulled out

Let your inner fashion designer have a grand old time decorating your ladies’ shirt gum wrapper sleeve. You could make a Peter Pan collar, add pearls, add a statement necklace, add ruffles or whatever the newest fashion trend is. 

2 DIY papercrafted shirts embellishing packs of gum on white wood table

Everyday is a great day to give some one a small gift. These small gift ideas are perfect for anyone and for so many gift giving situations. Who do you know who would appreciate an adorable chewing gum gift

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  1. These are so cute. I think that making something like this would be the perfect gift just because you care. By the way, Extra is the only gum we have in our house.

  2. I thought these looked great. Then I realised you were actually making them from scratch and now I am super impressed šŸ™‚ #PeaceLoveLinkup

    1. Thanks, Yvonne, you made my day. And best of all, they really are easy to make (but no one will know how easy they are). šŸ™‚

  3. Such a cute and useful idea! Hubby loves gum this would be fun for the kids to make, pinning for Father’s Day! Thanks for sharing.

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