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4th of July Treats for Kids (and Everyone)

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Twizlers candy decorated to look like a 4th of July firecracker.

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I adore small town parades (I should have a bumper sticker that says “I brake for small town parades”, just ask my family), grilling out, spending time with family and friends and, of course, fireworks. Independence Day combines the best of all these ingredients. You know me, I like to add a crafted treat to almost any event, so making 4th of July treats for kids (and everyone) is a happy and easy DIY to give as party favors or as gifts.

The 4th of July holiday is about as American as you can get.  I really do love small town Independence Day parades. the smaller the better. Once when we were stationed overseas, the on-base pizza delivery truck was in the 4th of July parade – now that’s my kind of small town parade. Last year we saw a small town parade that include miniature horses pulling a wagon (anyone a Little Sebastian fan?) 

two Twizlers candy decorated to look like 4th of July firecrackers.

Last year my second “baby” was away over the 4th of July. If you’re a regular here at Organized 31, you know how I live for sending my babies care packages. It’s my concrete way of showing my love and how much I miss my babies when they’re not here. Last summer I sent my baby a care package to share with her roommate that included these 4th of July treats. I heard later that they were a big hit with both my baby and her roommate.  These firecracker treats only take minutes to make and are the perfect little Independence Day treat

4th of July Treats for Kids


red paper measured out around package of candy and laying on top of paper cutter.

Cut the paper so that it is about 1 1/2 inches longer than your package of candy and wide enough to wrap around it with about 1 inch overlap so you can tape it together.

DIY firecracker candy wrapper with crimped edge laying next to paper crimper.

Tape the paper together into a tube firecracker shape. Add a long piece of double stick tape at one end of the tube to keep it closed. Use the paper crimper to crimp the end shut well. If you don’t have a paper crimper, simply press the tape and paper together well. 

A plain firecracker 4th of July craft treat would be nice, but it would be even more fun if I decorated it more.

open blue ink pad with white ribbon stamped with star stamp.

I had this twill tape in my stash of recycled ribbon. I liked the nostalgic texture of the twill. If you don’t have ribbon, you can use a strip of contrasting paper.  Stamp blue stars on the ribbon in a random pattern. If you don’t have stamping supplies, simply draw stars with a blue marker on the ribbon. 

close up of string fuse on DIY firecracker candy wrapper.

I also had this white string in my ribbon stash. A simple knot in one end and it becomes a fuse for the firecracker. Simply tape it inside the open side of the DIY firecracker craft package

close up of two Twizzlers candy packages wrapped in DIY firecracker covers.

Slip your candy inside the firecracker wrapper and you’re ready to celebrate.

two packages of Twizzler candy covered in paper to look like 4th of July firecrackers.

What will you be doing this Independence Day? These 4th of July treats for kids will makes your plans that much more of a celebration. 

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  1. I think these are so fun for a 4th of July party! I’m going to be using them as consolation prizes at this year’s Independence Day cornhole tournament. And thank you for making it easy since I’m so craft-challenged!

  2. I love this idea! I can see kids really liking to pull the string to get to the treat! They look like firecrackers and are perfect for the 4th! I bet your baby and her friends really enjoyed them.

  3. These are so fun! I appreciate that you listed out the instructions, as I can be a bit craft challenged. I am excited to make these for my kids for the 4th of July!

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