DIY Frozen Treat Drip Guard

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hand holding chocolate bar on wood stick with plastic tray decorated with green paper with brown footballs

I enjoy any excuse to entertain family and friends. I enjoy having guests over and pampering them with good food, good company and of course delicious desserts and treats. As much as I enjoy spoiling my family and friends, I feel a bit anxious about our guests, especially the younger guests, making a mess of our home. I’ve found that this DIY Frozen Treat Drip Guard is easy to make and perfect for making sure our guests enjoy their frozen treats (and I enjoy entertaining without drippy messes everywhere)

I enjoy showing my affection and love for friends and family by choosing dishes and desserts that I know they’ll enjoy. There are times that a special frozen treat is the ideal dessert choice for my guests, especially my younger guests. But let me honest, just thinking about about a bunch of hooligans children running around my home with frozen treat bars or bowls makes me feel anxious. For years I’d had a dilemma – I wanted to provide my guests with a frozen treat that they’d enjoy, but I didn’t want drips scattered around my home. You know how I live for repurposing items. I’m always looking for ways to repurpose food containers and lids. One day the light bulb went off, Bing!, and I realized I could easily make a DIY drip guard from a plastic lid to keep my home clean while my guests enjoy their treats. 

This DIY drip guard is easy to make (it only takes about five minutes plus drying time), costs nothing and you can easily match them to your decor or party theme by your choice of decorative paper. If you’re serving popsicles, check out my Popsicle Holder idea.


Plastic lids – Any repurposed small plastic lid will work as long as it comes from a food grade container.  

Decorative paper – this is a great time to use up those scraps of paper you’ve been saving 

Circle punch or scissors

Decoupage glue

Foam brush

overhead view of stack of white plastic cups, stack of clear lids, marker, sponge brush, jar of glue, circle punch and various designs of decorative paper

Sharp knife 

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Featured Image
hand holding clear lid on cutting mat with green cutting tool at center of lid

Cut a slit in the middle of each plastic lid large enough to accommodate the stick of the frozen treat bars you’ll be serving.

overhead view of clear lids, jar of glue, sponge brush and decorative paper cut into small circles

Cut circles of decorative paper to fit the lid. Paint the decorated side of the paper with the decoupage glue and then attach the decorative paper circles to each lid. Be sure to place the decorated side of the paper to the bottom of the lid so that it will show though the drip guard when in use.  

clear lids on table with various bottles sitting on the center of the lids

Place small bottles on each lid to make sure the decorative paper circles adhere well to the surface of the lid.

clear lids with circle of decorative paper and slit cut into middle of lid with pair of scissors nearby

Once the glue is dried well, use the sharp knife or scissors to remove the paper from the slit you previously cut into the lid. I found it easiest to cut the paper on the two short sides of the slit and one of the longer sides, then push the paper through the lid and gently tear the remaining edge. If I pushed the scrap of paper the other direction, I found that sometimes it pulled the entire paper circle off the lid rather than just the slip of paper. 

I like to coordinate the decorative paper to my entertaining theme. Bright bold colors for a child’s party, Christmas colors for a holiday party and you may recognize the red and white pattern from the lanterns I made for my daughter’s graduation party. You could leave the drip guards undecorated, but what’s the fun in that when you can coordinate them to your party decor?

overhead view of ice cream bar, box and tub of ice cream and 4 clear decorated lids with slits in middle

Be sure to check that the drip guard will fit the stick of the frozen treat you’ve selected. It wouldn’t be much help to have these cute drip catchers and find that the slits are too small or too large to accommodate  your treats.  

hand holding wood stick of ice cream bar with clear lid with decorated paper between hand and ice cream

When the drip guards fit onto the frozen treat stick, it’s the perfect way to allow you to enjoy your frozen treat and not make a mess. Yummy treat + no mess = happy mama

3 white cups with clear decorated lids sitting on white table holding ice cream bars upright in slits on lids

I found that using a repurposed yogurt cup with it’s lid allows you to stand the treats up in the cup with the lid-turned-drip-guard (you do have to weight the bottom of the cups down with some dried beans or jelly beans to keep the froze treat balanced).

hand holding chocolate bar on wood stick with plastic tray decorated with green paper with brown footballs

What occasion do you have coming up that calls for frozen treats complete with your own DIY frozen treat drip guards?

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  1. This is a wonderful idea! No more dripping down the fingers and onto your clothing. The addition of the cute paper is a great idea. You could make a party theme. šŸ™‚

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