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Nothing says idyllic summer days and festive get-together like family, friends and ice cream, which is why you need this diy popsicle holder.

Think back to your favorite summer memories. I bet there’s ice cream featured in those memories.

I love all kinds of ice cream and frozen treats. I have a confession though. I sometimes avoid frozen treats on a stick because they’re a little awkward to hold the heavy treat balanced on that tiny little stick. But no worries this summer – I’ve got a super easy hack for popsicles. It makes it easier for little hands (and my hands) to hold and are a fun way to dress up everyone’s favorite summer treat. 

two images, one of an orange popsicle with yarn around the handle & the other with 3 popsicles with yarn around the sticks  with title text overlay reading Easy hack to serve frozen treats on a stick

Do you know how popsicles were first created? You can share this fun fact at your summer party. This frozen treat was created by a boy in 1905 by mistake, but what a wonderful mistake. 

Look at how much this simple hack jazzes up a popsicle stick! It takes party decorating to a whole new (and super easy-to-do) level. I’d be embarrassed at how super easy this trick is if it wasn’t so doggone adorable!

There are so many ways to choose to decorate the popsicle holders:

  • Colors that coordinate with the frozen treat
  • Colors that coordinate with party decorations
  • Colors that coordinate with your tableware
  • For graduation, colors of the high school or college
  • The birthday girl’s or boy’s favorite color
  • The colors of whatever yarn you have in your stash (this is one of the ways I use up my leftover yarn)

This popsicle hack is so easy to do that you can have kids help, with just a little supervision. 

overhead view of 5 popsicles with yarn holders on the sticks

Quick. Easy. Costs just pennies. Dresses up an otherwise plain frozen treat stick. And you get to enjoy a summer-memory-making treat. It’s a win-win-win-win-win!

But for me, the very best part of this hack is that it makes holding the treat so-ooo much more comfortable.

How to Eat a Popsicle? 

  • Open the individual popsicle package from the stick end. This allows you to hold onto the stick while you peel the package away from the popsicle.
  • Hold the stick securely to balance the weight of the popsicle so that it doesn’t fall out of your hand.
  • Add a popsicle holder to make it easier on your hand while holding the popsicle stick. A popsicle holder is big help for:
    • Children
    • Older folks
    • Big hands (you know how funny it is when someone with big ol’ mitts of hands tries to hold that tiny little stick)
    • People like me who just find it a bit awkward to balance the treat
Hand holding an orange popsicle with a purple popsicle holder in front of greenery

This simple popsicle hack makes it much easier and more comfortable to hold and enjoy one of the best parts of summer.

‘Cause really, aren’t ice cream and frozen treats one of the best parts of summer? They sure are in my house.

Popsicle Holder

Popsicle Holder Supplies

Yarn – This is a great way to use up little scraps of yarn you have left over from other projects. You can also find small, craft-sized skeins of yarn or use my fun DIY Yarn Dyeing Tutorial for bright happy colors that are perfect for this project. And if you have yarn, you should check out my yarn keeper hack.


Overhead view of brightly colored balls of yarn

Glue Dots – I used 8mm glue dots and they were the perfect size. 

Popsicle Holder Steps

collage of 4 images of how to wrap yarn on popsicle wood stick
  1. Place the treat on an ice pack if it’s a warm day to keep the treat from melting. 
  2. Cut the bottom of the bag at the stick end and slide just the stick out of the bag, leaving the treat in the bag.
  3. Wrap the yarn around the stick. Begin near the top, next to the treat. Wrap the yarn around the stick so that it holds the starting piece of yarn in place. If you’re having difficulty or if you are having children do this, you can place a glue dot halfway down the stick, adhere the beginning of the yarn and then start wrapping the yarn from that point.
  4. Wrap the yarn tightly around the stick until it pads the stick enough to be comfortable to hold.
  5. Firmly place a glue dot halfway down the stick on the yarn. Place the end of the yarn on one side of the glue dot and then fold the yarn back to cover the other side of the glue dot. Folding the yarn end back makes sure the glue dot is entirely covered and makes sure the end of the yarn really does stay in place.
  6. Slide the frozen treat back into the bag until it’s time to be enjoyed.
close up of red, white, orange and blue yarn wrapped on wood stick of orange popsicle

The entire popsicle hack takes about 30-45 seconds per popsicle stick. The first one will take a bit longer, but you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

Close up of three popsicles with holders on the handles

My family really appreciates these popsicle holders and I smile at how adorable the treats look (and at how super easy it is to do!).

Overhead view of 5 popsicles with holders and a colorful napkin nearby

Any summer day is an occasion for celebrating with frozen treats. Now that you know my super easy popsicle holder hack, there’s even more reason to celebrate.  

Overhead view of 5 popsicles lined up with holders

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  1. That is such a cute idea! The sticks are hard for little kids and big kids to hold! Everyone’s always dropping their ice cream. I bet this makes it less messy too because the yarn would absorb the stuff that drips down the stick, rather than someone’s hand.

    1. Thanks, Brenda. It’s so easy to do and makes a big difference. Even my 15-year old was commenting on how much easier the stick is to hold this way. And you know what a compliment from a 15-year old is worth – lots! šŸ™‚

  2. What a cute and easy way to make a Popsicle more festive! I will be trying this with my kids this summer šŸ™‚

    My kids love Outshine popsicles, and I love that they contain real fruit, non-gmo ingredients, and no food dyes — much better than the Otter pops!

    1. We love Outshine treats for the same reasons, Andrea. And the pineapple ones are my absolute favorites. I could eat the entire box in one sitting! šŸ™‚

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