Mini Magic Potion Bottles

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overhead view of 4 colorful tiny glass bottles with corks and handmade labels on grey fabric with blue, white and clear marble

Any Harry Potter, wizard or magic fans out there? Make these adorable mini magic potion bottles as a fun DIY craft for your favorite magic fan. It’s also an easy enough craft to make with your younger magic fans. In addition to being a cool little craft, it only takes minutes to make these potion bottles.  Design them for your interests – Harry Potter potion bottles, wizard potion bottles, miniature potion bottles, or whatever your imagination can create. 

tiny bottles with corks and handmade labels saying "dragon", "tears", "frog" and "potion"

Look how stinkin’ cute these little potion bottles are! They’re even more charming in person. Hours of imaginative play galore with these mini bottles.

Mini Magic Potion Bottles

Oh, and did I tell you that you can make them for just pennies?!


Miniature Bottles 

Card Stock Paper – I chose to use cream paper to make it look a bit aged

Decoupage glue 

Permanent Marker

Craft Paint

package of miniature glass bottles with corks

Rubber band

To color your tiny potion bottles follow the steps I used to color my Pretend Magic Potions. You’ll only need craft paint to create any color bottle you want. 

piece of cream paper, 3 small labels saying "dragon", "tears" and "frog" next to black marker and tiny blue, orange and white bottles with corks

Tear small labels from your card stock paper to make it look aged. Add your text with a permanent marker.  I found I was limited in the words I could add to the label by the miniature size of the label. I’d recommend taking time to brainstorm the text you’d like to add to each label.

small green bottle with cork and rubber band wrapped around the middle of the bottle

Use the decoupage glue to attach the label to the mini bottle. I used a rubber band to hold the label in place on the curved bottle surface until it dried.

It took about 5 minutes to make all four mini magic potion bottles (plus drying time).  Just imagine the hours and hours of imaginative play that these tiny potion bottles will foster. They’re also the perfect addition to magical, mystical decor.

Mini Magic Potion Bottlessmall colorful bottles with corks with blue, grey and white marbles scattered on white table

small colorful bottles with corks next to penny on white table

These really are tiny magic potion bottles. Look at them compared to a penny. 

Add a couple of clear marbles and pretty beads to add to the mystical magical feel. Make a smaller version of my DIY Dungeons and Dragons Drawstring Bag to hold the mini magic potion bottles and other pretties. 

overhead view of 4 colorful tiny glass bottles with corks and handmade labels on grey fabric with blue, white and clear marble

Who do you know that would love their own tiny mini magic potion bottles? Your Harry Potter fans and other fantasy genre fans will be thrilled. 

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  1. Great little project Susan. My granddaughter will love these magic potion bottles. I remember pretending to mix potions when I was little. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How did you make the clear bottles colored orange, blue, green, etc? Or did I miss seeing that instruction somewhere? Thanks!

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