DIY Pool Storage – Uses for Empty Cat Litter Container

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A friend of mine, Cynthia at Feeding Big and I have a good-natured challenge going on today.  We gave each other recycled items to upcycle into anything we wanted.  You have got to see the gorgeous and easy Wine Bottle to vase DIY Project that Cynthia created with her recycled item.   I received a kitty litter container (that’s hysterically funny since I’m not a cat person – sorry to my cat loving friends) to upcycle. Let me tell you, I’ve got to start visiting my cat owning friends’ homes and taking their empty cat litter containers. Who knew there could be so many uses for empty cat litter containers?  But once I saw one up close, I can think of lots of ways to upcycle these containers.  I’m excited about my first upcycled cat litter bucket container – a DIY pool storage box.

green bucket with black monogrammed letter S filled with towels and a blue ball on wood table next to bottle of sunscreen and brightly colored quilt

If you purchase cat liter, then you already know how useful these containers are, but for me it’s a revelation (that I’m embarrassingly excited about).  The container is about 15 inches tall and is 9 1/2 wide by 11 1/2 inches long. It comes with a handle and a lid that clicks shut but is easy to open.  There are so many things you could store in these containers.  While I was mulling over how I wanted to use the bucket, I did know that I wanted to paint it.

Recycled Cat Litter Container – DIY Pool Storage Ideas

yellow kitty litter bucket and can of green spray paint on wood table

To keep things easy, I spray painted the cat litter container. I simply picked up a spray paint designed for use on plastic. I taped a plastic bag around the lid and spray painted the rest of the container with about 5 light coats of paint.  I painted the handle, too. But let me share with you that I’ve had some problems with the paint flaking off the handle where it bends.  I’d recommend not spray painting the handle of the bucket.

bucket painted green with top covered with plastic bag

I still didn’t know what I wanted to use this upcycled cat litter container for but I knew I wanted to add a monogram.  I have terrible handwriting (just ask my kids).  Here’s a super easy way to add a DIY monogram to almost any painted project.

1.  Print out the the letter(s) from your computer.  I added an oval around my letter to make it bit more distinguished.

2.  Turn your paper over and use a pencil to scribble over the printed areas. Take your time and be sure to cover all the areas that you want to transfer to your project.

3.  Tape the paper to your project (trust me, tape it so it doesn’t move when you try to just hold it in place) and trace over the outline of your letter and the oval.

collage of 4 images of steps to make DIY monogram on the storage bucket

4.  Use a permanent marker to trace over the transferred image and fill in the letter.

close up of black monogrammed letter S in black oval on green bucket sitting on brick path

Transferring the monogram took about 15 minutes and that was because I took my time tracing the the permanent marker.

green bucket with black monogrammed letter S filled with towels and a blue ball on wood table next to bottle of sunscreen and brightly colored quilt

As my family was getting ready to head to the pool the other day, the light bulb went off. Bing. My repurposed cat litter container would be perfect for pool storage and organization.

close up of green bucket with black monogrammed letter S on wood table next to bottle of sunscreen and brightly colored quilt

I placed pool toys, beach towels, sunscreen, and our favorite tie-dyed t-shirt quilt picnic blanket inside the upcycled cat litter container. It’s perfect for pool storage because the plastic bucket can handle wet pool towels and toys with no problem, can hold a lot of stuff and has a handle that makes it easy to carry to the pool and back.

green bucket with black monogrammed letter S filled with towels and a blue ball on wood table next to bottle of sunscreen and brightly colored quilt

Do you have a need for DIY pool storage or what uses for empty cat litter containers do you have?

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  1. I love this idea! These containers are so great and, like you said, they have so many great uses. I will bring you a few more! Thanks for the challenge!

  2. You’re not a cat lover??!! Susan – I will have to reconsider our friendship LOL
    This is a WONDERFUL idea!! I must show it to a friend of mine šŸ™‚
    My cat have a very luxury box, but my friend can definitely use this post!

    1. lol, Winnie. I thought long and hard before I admitted that I’m not a cat lover. šŸ™‚ But I am now a big fan of these cat litter containers.

  3. These containers are gold! Sturdy and roomy. Great idea for pool supplies. I’ve used a similar container for a gift. My sister uses it as a yarn caddy.

    1. Audra, I might have to get a cat just so I can do more with these kitty litter containers. I love the idea of using it as a yarn caddy.

  4. I am missing something. How do you trace onto the bucket? I have a piece of paper with a with a penciled monogram that I tape to the bucket. then what how does the market transfer thru the paper onto the bucket?????

    1. Hi, Karen. Steps 2 and 3 show you how to transfer the monogram onto the bucket. Turn the paper over and color with a pencil. Then tape the monogram in place, trace over your monogram with pressure and the pencil will transfer that outline onto your bucket. You can then trace over that with a permanent marker or paint pen.

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