DIY Happy Planner Pocket Folder – How to Make

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Part Two of How to make a DIY Happy Planner pocket folder. 

This tutorial shows you how to make a decorative pocket folder to add to your Happy Planner

Step Four

  • Cut the slope on the pocket (arrow #2). 
  • Fold the paper in half. I measured 3/4 of an inch for the top (arrow #1)  and 2 inches for the side. Mark each of those measurements with a small pencil mark.  Cut that slope between the two marks. 
  • As you measure where to cut, be sure to add 1/4 inch for the fold.
  • Crease the slopped cut and glue it down.
craft paper with edges folded, bone tool and black arrows pointing to folded edges

Step Five

  • Wrap the pocket around the card stock.
  • Use thin strips of double-stick tape to attach the bottom and sides of the pocket (but not the folded side).
  • I simply cut a strip of regular double-stick tape in half to make it narrow enough.

Step Six

  • If you have a Happy Planner Punch, punch out the holes.
  • If you don’t have the punch, lay a sheet of planner paper on top of your pocket folder and mark the holes lightly with a pencil.
  • Use your hole punch and punch out the marks you’ve made.
  • Then use scissors to cut from the edge of the paper to the hole. 
top image of hand holding pencil marking hole punches on planner page, bottom image of blue page with hole punch tool & scissors
blue and white bicycle printed paper pocket holding black and white stickers

Voila! Look how adorable this planner pocket folder is. And not only is it adorable, but it’s a beautiful organizing resource.

orange planner pocket holding black and white sticker page with blue pen and planner

Adding a  DIY Happy Planner pocket folder to your planner gives you a happy pop of color and lots of organizing functionality.

Are you as excited about these DIY Happy Planner pocket folders as I am? If you’re interested in making a DIY planner pocket folder that will fit into any sized planner, check out my tutorial on how to make your own pocket folderDisc Bound Notebook DIY Pocket Folder.

blue square with red arrow and text "previous page"

Pin for later so you can always find this DIY Happy Planner pocket folder tutorial.

DIY pocket dividers for a Happy Planner in orange and blue.

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