Fun Snacks Kids Can Make Themselves

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I don’t know if I raised independent children or if my children are independent and I had to adapt, but either way, it has been a priority of mine to encourage my children to be able to do things for themselves starting at an early age.  I always kept mom-approved snacks on shelves in the pantry and refrigerator that my children could reach starting at about age two and a half. They knew they could ask permission to have a snack and then go get their own snack. They were thrilled with gaining some independence and I was thrilled to watch them practice the skills of self-sufficiency.  At age five, my son created his own signature snack and it’s still a family favorite. Mom-approved, fun snacks that include fruit or vegetables and protein and that kids can make themselves make both mom and kids happy – and that’s a win-win snack.

colorful plates with a variety of snacks on black counter

My son created his signature Snack Tacos when he was just five years old. He proudly called me to sit down to a snack he’d made for both of us. I was excited that he was showing initiative in making his own snack (and thinking to include Mommy!) and I was happily surprised by how tasty his Snack Tacos are. The great thing is that you can easily create your own favorite flavor combo when you make your own Snack Tacos.

close up of snacks with fish crackers scattered on counter

It’s a fun twist to place the crunchy fish crackers on the inside of the snack. And what kid (or adult) doesn’t find those cute little fish crackers a charming and yummy snack?

overhead view of fish crackers and shredded cheese on pepperoni on white plate

My son’s original Snack Taco was made with sandwich pepperoni, cranberry raisins, shredded mozzarella cheese and cheddar fish crackers. You may be skeptical, but this really is a tasty combo.

Fun Snacks Kids Can Make Themselves

plates of  snack ingredients in front of 2 bags of fish crackers on black counter

Ingredient Suggestions

Pick your own favorite combinations

Base Choices

Sandwich Pepperoni

Lunch meat – Ham, Turkey or Chicken

Provolone Cheese Slices

Cheddar Cheese Slices


Filling Choices

Baby Carrot Sticks

Mini Cucumbers

Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Cranberry Raisins


Apple Slices

Peanut Butter or Other Nut Butter

Must-Have Crunchy Filling

Crackers in Your Favorite Flavor

Place your preferred base on a plate, add your choice of filling combinations and add your favorite crunchy crackers.  Fold in half like a taco and enjoy.

baby carrot sticks and fish crackers on piece of cheese on white plate

Provolone cheese, baby carrots and cheddar  crackers are delicious.

apple slices with fish crackers on piece of ham on white plate

Smoked ham, apple slices and crackers are another great combo.

baby cucumber slices with pretzel fish crackers on slice of cheese on white plate

And my personal favorite – Provolone cheese, mini cucumbers and pretzel crackers.

variety of snack tacos on black counter with ingredients scattered around

These are all ingredients that are easy to keep on-hand and keep in areas in the fridge and pantry where your kids can reach them without a problem. If you pre-cut the cucumbers and apples then all the ingredients are ones that kids can use to make their own snack with no glass jars, sharp metal cans or knives required.

colorful plates filled with snacks on black counter

My family still enjoys Snack Tacos even after all these years. I like that there’s a flavor choice for even the pickiest eater. Finding a snack choice that makes the kids and Mom happy and is so easy to put together makes life just that much easier.

three colorful fish plates with snacks and fish crackers scattered on black counter
overhead view of snacks on black counter with ingredients scattered around

Shouldn’t snacks be fun and easy to make for everyone? But fun snacks kids can make themselves are invaluable to both moms and kids.

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  1. Snack Tacos…how fun! This is perfect for when the girls come over. You have the best tips for the children. Our granddaughters are 6, 4 & 2 so this is pervect for them t start being a bit more independent in my kitchen.

    1. Oh, what fun ages, Monica, and perfect to make and enjoy my son’t Snack Tacos. I know you’ll have a charming tea party featuring Snack Tacos with your granddaughters.

  2. Susan, you have such a smart sone. He created a great snack. I think kids of all ages would love these. I will have to give these a try.

  3. So many fun combinations (I’m skeptical about the cranberries with pepperoni, but might give it a try out of curiosity). I love that this snack idea encourages kids to think beyond bread and tortillas as the foundation of a hearty snack. Plus, these would be fun to assemble at lunch (and would be really easy to pack).

    1. You really have got to try the pepperoni and cranberries, Corinne. I felt the same way you did, but it’s surprisingly… not bag. šŸ™‚

  4. I absolutely agree that helping kids be independent form an early age is an important life skill that only grows with them. And love the combination of apple, ham, cheese, and goldfish – I know that I would enjoy that one.

  5. My grandchildren are both independent, and picky eaters, so I am always looking for healthy snack ideas. Thank you for sharing these!

    1. The great thing about these snack tacos is that your grandkids can choose ingredients they like, Teresa. And when they make the snack tacos themselves, they magically taste better. šŸ™‚

  6. Such a great idea! My son is only 21 months so I’m still making his snacks, but I remember being so much more willing to eat something if I had a hand in it as a kid. Yum!

    1. You’ve got the fun making food together stages ahead of you, Morgan. Enjoy and enjoy these snack tacos when the time comes.

  7. I love the idea of making snack time fun, to encourage children to eat a larger variety of foods. My kiddos love goldfish, so I am definitely trying these ideas šŸ™‚

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