DIY Twine Balls

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These DIY Twine Balls are so easy to make and add sophisticated, rustic charm. When my oldest baby was home for Christmas she asked if we could craft together (she knows the way to her mama’s heart). One of the projects we created together were to make these easy-to-make twine balls.

Red and white twine balls in a vase on a white wood table

I received this great jar with Christmas candy in it.  When the candy was gone, I just couldn’t throw the jar away. You know how I love to repurpose (almost) anything.

Fortunately, I stumbled across a glitter twine ball tutorial and knew I wanted to do something similar to fill this jar as a decoration.

DIY Twine Ball


balloons, twine, decoupage glue, plastic wrap

DIY Twine Ball Tutorial

We found that if you stretch the end of the balloon first, the balloon is a more round shape when you blow it up.  We also discovered that the barely inflated balloons could be formed into a round shape in the next step.  This allows you to make all different sized DIY twine balls.

different sizes and colors of inflated balloons

Wrap the balloons in plastic wrap so that it will be easier to remove the balloon from the twine ball later.

inflated balloons wrapped in plastic wrap

We found it easiest to fill a bowl with Mod Podge, coat our fingers with Mod Podge and then run the twine through our finger to get good coverage.  Randomly wrap the twine around the balloon. We just held the starting end in place until a couple of rounds of twine held it in place.  Be careful to not pull the twine too tight and squish the balloon, you want to maintain the round shape.

bowl of decoupage glue with twine wrapped around balloon

When you’ve wrapped enough twine around the balloon, simply tuck the end of the twine under an early round.  You can squish the balloon down a bit to tuck the end under.  

wrapping twine around balloon

Don’t wrap the twine too many times.  You want to leave open spaces between the twine.  Next time I’ll do fewer rounds with the twine than we did this time.

twine balls drying

Let the balls dry overnight.  The yarn absorbed more Mod Podge and took longer to dry.  Once you’re sure that the twine is thoroughly dried, carefully puncture the balloon inside the ball.  Gently pull the balloon remnants and plastic wrap out through a hole in the DIY twine ball.  You may have to reach through the openings to pull the plastic wrap loose from the inside of the ball.  Just work carefully and it will come loose.

Scissors about to pierce balloon of diy twine ball

You can see that a couple of the balls are not round.  This is where we weren’t as careful when we removed the balloon and plastic wrap (and we were impatient and started before the twine was thoroughly dry). 

red and white twine balls on white wood table

The DIY Twine Balls look great in this plastic jar and make a perfect Valentine’s Day decoration. They’re also perfect for Christmas, 4th of July or really any occasion. I can’t wait to try another round of making a DIY twine ball (or 20). It’s easy enough that you could make them with younger kiddos with some supervision. Be sure to pin for later.

Red and white twine balls in a vase on a white wood table

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try this out for quite a while now. You beat me to it. 🙂 Now I have to give it try. It looks nice and messy.

  2. Lovely! Pinning! Would love it if you would share it at the new A Little Bit of Everything Wednesday Linky Party that I am co-hosting!

  3. These are so cute and rustic! I love that they can be customized to the color scheme of the creator! Also, what a great tip to wrap the balloons in plastic wrap first! I always thought it would be difficult to get the balloons out. Thanks for sharing at A Little Bit of Everything link up!

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  5. Nice! I’ve seen many craft fails out of twine/yarn balls. I’m glad yours were a success and I like the sparkle!

  6. I really love these. I am thinking of making some red, white and blue for the 4th of July! Natural would be great for a shabby chic look too! Do these sell blue twine?

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  8. Once the ball (lantern) is done how do you place and arrange battery operated lights in it? Love this idea. Thank you. Sincerely, Renee’ Carr.

    1. I didn’t use lights with these twine balls, but you could just insert the light bulbs in one of the openings and use a piece of color-coordinated thread to attach the ball. I’d love to see a photo of your completed project, Renee!

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