Grab n’ Go Outdoor Kit

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image on lid of metal box

Last weekend my son had a soccer tournament.  That meant many hours outside in the great outdoors in June. 

shelf with towels and boxes with text reading sunscreen & bug spray bucket next to an arrow pointing to the bucket

I had grabbed the sunscreen from the bucket I have by our back door and thought I was prepared.

But withing 10 minutes of setting up our homestead  of chairs, cooler bag, canvas bag of snacks and the kitchen sink (or at least it felt like we’d brought the kitchen sink with us) I realized that I hadn’t thought to bring bug spray.  The entire time we were swatting at gnats and other flying bugs.

I realized then that I needed one grab & go box or bag for when our family goes to outdoors events.  The Grab n’ Go Outdoor kit should have everything I might need in one spot, so I don’t to think of what item I might need in the harried rush out the door.

lid of metal box

I found this puzzle tin that was the perfect size and I like the summer fun picture.

tin box with sunscreen and wipes inside

I filled it with sunscreen, bug off wipes, wet ones wipes and hand sanitizer spray. 

Now I just have to grab this one box and I’ve got everything we need the next time we’re running out the door to an outdoor activity.  Easy and cute and practical!

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  1. Love this idea and I especially love the tin you put it in! You have such great ideas!

    Thanks for sharing this at my Summertime facebook party!


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