It’s August, Time to Go Through School Clothes

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I remember dreading August as a child.  It was hot, hot, hot.  All I wanted to do was enjoy the last few weeks of summer.  But, noo-oo!  My mother would drag all of last year’s school clothes out and make me try them on, even the winter ones.  In August!  

My 10-year old son is actually a good sport about trying school clothes on.  He doesn’t complain (much) and we have a good time talking and goofing around. 

This year we took extra time to organize his drawers. When my children were younger, I only asked that the clothes be in the drawer. I didn’t worry about the drawers looking nice inside. We hang most of their clothes up, so the only things jumbled up in the drawers were underwear, socks, pajamas and bathing suits. However, now that my son is 10, he’s old enough to start keeping the insides of the drawers neat.


This is the first drawer we tackled.

We sorted through everything, pulled out items that didn’t fit or he doesn’t like, folded the remaining items and put them back in the drawer.

Less than 5 minutes later it looked like this. 

pajama pants and sock organized in a dresser drawer
When we opened drawer number 2 – surprise!  Yes, that’s a mask and snorkel in my son’s dresser drawer. No, I had no idea that’s where he was storing them. (Since he just got the mask and snorkel and they are “prized” possessions right now, I’m guess he put them here for safe keeping.  You know how teenaged sisters are always stealing your mask and snorkle!).
a messy dresser drawer full of clothes and a scuba mask and snorkel
After we went through the drawer,  we had plenty of room so I put the mask and snorkel back into his drawer.  The way a 10 year old boy’s mind works when it comes to where to keep a mask and snorkel…it just makes me smile so I just had to put them back.
an organized dresser drawer full of clothes and a scuba mask and snorkel

                                                Drawer number 3 didn’t hold any surprises, just work.                           

But it was easy to organize.        
boy's clothes organized in a dresser drawer
clothes folded on the floor

Here’s what we eliminated.  It was both productive and fun chatting with my son while we were working. 

And now we can enjoy the last week of the summer.

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