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I’m a simple girl.  I get great satisfaction from a simple solution. 

collage of 3 images showing steps needed to transform a Repurposed Sandwich Container to Organize Socks.


For years, I’ve salivated over those fancy sock drawer organizers but can’t really justify the expense (no matter how small the expense is) and I haven’t been quite ready to ask for sock organizers for my birthday.

I met a friend at Wegman’s last month for lunch.  I bought a wrap that was packaged in a plastic tray.  I just couldn’t bring myself to throw the tray away.  My original plan was to recycle it at home.  But when I got home, “bing”  – idea.

sandwich wraps in trays in a store.

Yum! Can’t just throw the tray away. Recycle it…. hmm, no wait….

socks organized in a repurposed plastic sandwich wrap container.
Wash the clear top and repurpose it as a sock organizer.
socks folded inside of plastic sandwich trays inside drawer with arrows pointing to trays.

Simple girl….simple solution.


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