Quick DIY School Supplies with Duct Tape

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a collage of 3 images showing different school items with title text reading Quick and Easy Back-to-School Projects with Duct Tape
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I had so much fun making the Superhero Envelope with Duck Tape earlier this week that I just had to create some more school supply projects.  I used repurposed items and items that I got on back-to-school sales specials so all 4 items cost me around $4.
I made a quick and easy (it took less than 5 minutes) pencil holder from a repurposed food can.
a can being dovered with black and white checkered duct tape
I simply washed the can well and didn’t even bother removing the label since the duct tape would cover it up.  Starting at the bottom, I covered the can with 3 rows of duct tape.  On each row, I took a little extra care to line the blocks up (otherwise I’m afraid it would give me vertigo to look at wonky rows of squares).  
a can covered in black and white duct tape
I made sure there was enough of the last row of tape to tuck down into the can.  I did this to cover any sharp edges that might be left from the can opener (it’s the mom in me, I gotta be extra mom careful).


school supplies in a can covered with black and white duct tape
The can is sturdy enough to hold lots of supplies without toppling over.  Guess that’s why diy covered cans continue to be popular pencil holders.  


That went so quickly and so well, that I grabbed a manila folder I had laying around and completed the next project in less than 10 minutes.
covering a folder with duct tape
I wanted the top edges to look finished, so I started there by folding the tape over the edge.  I recommend cutting the tab portion off (I did it on mine later) if you want a pocket folder.


a file folder covered in white and blue duct tape
Then  just cover the folder with rows of tape.  I did not worry too much about lining the pattern up exactly since it’s such a busy pattern to start with.


a file folder covered in white and blue duct tape
I ended up with a sturdy and fun pocket folder that’s perfect for holding papers and surviving a lot of wear and tear.
After I finished the pocket envelope, I realized that I could use these items for 2 college care packages that I need to send out in the next month.  So, I grabbed 2 pencil boxes I’d picked up at an office supply store on sale and quickly added a little embellishment with their initial or name.
a pencil box and a can with black and white checkered duct tape on them
a file folder and pencil box with blue duct tape and white flowers on it
I filled each pencil box with office supplies that any college student could use.
various office supplies
I had fun whipping up these easy projects and now have some gifts to add with cookies I plan on making for those 2 college care packages.  
a collage of 3 images showing different school items with title text reading Quick and Easy Back-to-School Projects with Duct Tape
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