Back-to-School Duck Tape Superhero Envelope

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envelop-style duct tape wallet with Spider-man comic book design inside.
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It’s 2 weeks until school starts for us.  That means it’s time to take our list of required school supplies and do the complicated balancing act of getting what the teacher asks for and getting what your child would like.
I headed to Walmart to make it easy to find all the required school supplies in one store. And to get them at a reasonable price.  You know what else you can find at Walmart?  Yep, so many different styles of Duck Tape.
Isn’t Duck Tape just the best thing ever?  The possibilities of projects are endless when I look at that rack of Duck Tape. Adding Duck Tape to school supplies will make that balancing act of what the teacher wants and what my child wants just a little easier.  We can embellish the item required by the teacher and make it just that much cooler with Duck Tape.
 I had to grab a roll and rush home to make a back-to-school surprise for my son.
I copied the main image on the cover of the first comic book my son ever received onto card stock and then grabbed the rest of my supplies; paper cutter, scissors, Duck Tape, envelope to use as a template and a pen.
paper cutter, scissors, envelop, checkered Duck tape roll, and photocopy of Spider-man comic book.
I traced around the envelope template onto my card stock (I positioned the main image so that it would show when the envelope is opened).
photocopy of Spider-man comic book page laid on white paper with envelop pattern traced out.
Then I flipped the card stock over and covered the back of the envelope template with Duck Tape.  I took the time to line the pattern up on each new row of tape.
piece of white paper with half covered by checkered duck tape being pulled off of roll.
Then I cut the envelope out on the lines I’d traced and folded the flaps in to form an envelope.
envelop-style duck tape wallet with Spider-man pattern interior being folded into shape.
I taped the flaps down using one piece of Duck Tape across the back of the envelope.  Then I folded a small piece of Duck Tape onto itself to form a loop when I attached it on both ends to the envelope.  This loop makes it easy to close the envelope by tucking the top flap under the loop.
black and white checkered Duck tape wallet with top being tucked into loop closure.
I added an index card with all the contact numbers for our family members and a couple of dollars for emergency lunch money.
Thanks to the Duck Tape this envelope is durable enough to survive an entire year in a 10-year-old boy’s backpack.
It would be a great project to do together with your child one afternoon before school starts.  Be sure to follow @TheDuckBrand on Twitter for lots of other great project ideas.
DIY Spider-man Duck tape wallet holding an index card titled Contacts.
So when you run out to to pick up school supplies at Walmart, just add a roll of Duck Tape (or two) to your list.  buy Duck Tape at Walmart

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  1. This is AWESOME !!Susan you are so creative (I’m kind of jealous…)My Mom used to be this way, and seeing this project brings back wonderful memories

    1. Aww, Winnie, you just made my day. Thank you. I hope some day my kids look back and remember me as creative.

  2. A great idea Susan! The addition of an index card with important information etc. is wonderful. Schools reopen in the first week of September here. All the very best to your children when they start school again.

  3. I am just in love with this! I bet your son was so happy when he came home and say this. Great job!

    By the way, I must not have been looking for Duck Tape, I still thought it only came in silver!

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