Easy Fabric Gift Bag

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Easy Fabric Gift Bag - Organized 31

It’s that time of year in my house when there’s a lot of gift giving.  We have 10 family birthdays, numerous friends’ birthdays, graduations, weddings and so on.  If you’ve been hanging around here long, you know I love reusing items, especially gift bags that can be reused.  I needed  a distraction (from the stress of a basement reno) so I decided to whip up some easy fabric gift bags.  Let me remind you that I’m really not much of a seamstress, so if I can make these fabric gift bags, anyone can! Really. 

You’ll need 2 pieces of coordinating fabric, each measuring 14″ x 22″.  This is the perfect project for using up those left-over fabrics.  Or you can hit the clearance section of the fabric store for cute fabric remnants.

Sew each piece right-sides together to form a 14″ tall and 11″ wide bag (with 1/2 ” seams atthe  bottom and side). 

Easy Fabric Gift Bag - Organized 31

To make a bottom that will allow the bag to stand up, line the side seam up with bottom seam and measure 2″ down from corner.  Mark and stitch along line.  Crease the middle of fabric on other side of the bag and line that crease up with the bottom seam on the other side.

Easy Fabric Gift Bag - Organized 31

Do this for both of the fabrics.

Turn the main fabric right-side out.  Slip the lining inside the main fabric and line the bottom seams up.

To make the bag stand up, we have to sew pockets into the bag to hold support panels. 

Easy Fabric Gift Bag - Organized 31

Lay the bag flat with the narrow side with the seam up.  Measure from the seam to the side corner.  Measure the same distance from the side seam at the top of the bag and stitch a narrow seam.  Do the same on the other side.

Easy Fabric Gift Bag - Organized 31

For the other narrow side that doesn’t have a seam, measure the front of the bag from the bottom corner to the new seam you just sewed. Measure and mark this same distance at the top of the bag and sew your seam. Then measure across the bag from your seam to the corner and do the same at the top of the bag to sew the fourth seam.

Easy Fabric Gift Bag - Organized 31

Insert interfacing or repurposed cereal box cardboard in the larger sides of the bag to help it hold its shape.  Measure the distance between your seams and subtract 1/4″ to 1/2″.  This measurement will be the width of your interfacing and cut it 9″ tall.  You could put support panels in all four sides of the bag, but only putting the panels in the larger sides allows you to fold your bag up for storage.

Easy Fabric Gift Bag - Organized 31

Turn the top edge of the fabrics under about 1/2″ and top stitch the top of the bag all around the edge.  Fold the edge down about 4-5 inches to make the cuff.

Easy Fabric Gift Bag - Organized 31

These bags make great reusable gift wrapping or gift bags for parties.

Easy Fabric Gift Bag - Organized 31

I had so much fun making this bag that I went on to make 6 more!  Now I’m ready for our busy gift-giving spring season.  How about you, could you use a few of these easy fabric gift bags in your house?


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  1. Hi Susan, What a cute idea, and also a great way to reuse old clothes that are meaningful to kids but you don’t want to necessarily throw out. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Holly

  2. I love your patterns and the ease of using them! They’re quick, easy, and fun to make. Thanks for the assist in creativity.

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