Repurposed Plastic Bottle into Key Holder

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I love craft projects AND I love repurposing items that would otherwise become trash.  Imagine my joy when I saw this  project at Ashley’s blog Make It and Love It!   The project is so easy and quick, plus it involves organizing stuff, so I just had to give it a try and make my own Repurposed Plastic Bottle into Key Holder.
collage of 3 different views of DIY key holder decorated with brown, green and pink paper with one hanging on doorknob

Repurposed Plastic Bottle into Key Holder

large bottle of orange liquid soap next to smaller bottle of clear hand sanitizer

Although I really like the shape of the lotion bottle that Ashley used, since I don’t have babies any more I had to look for other plastic bottles to use in my project.  There are two products we use a lot of in our house…

… yes, hand sanitizer and hand soap.  Germs beware in our house!  I know that I may have stressed hand-washing a little too much when I overhear my 9 year old son telling other kids that they need to wash their hands before they eat!  But at least we’re doing our part, ummm,  to help keep folks germ -free and healthy.                                                                                    

DIY basket holder decorated with green paper with small pink, black and white squares
I began with the smaller hand sanitizer bottle.  I cut the bottle into the shape I wanted.  I didn’t use a pattern, I just cut using the labels on the bottle as a guide.  I have lots of decorative paper from other craft projects, so I used decorative paper and Mod Podge on the smaller bottle to create my first phone charger holder.           
Once I was done, I realized that this was too small for my smart phone and I had cut the opening on the back too large to hang on neatly on the plug when it was plugged into the outlet.                                                                               
Sigh.  I grumbled and stared at it in frustration for a minute until I realized it was the perfect size for a different purpose.
front view of back car keys in DIY holder basket decorated with green decorative paper
It is now officially a key holder so that you can easily find your keys when you’re running out the door (which in our house is often almost late in the midst of  much chaos).
close up of DIY basket hanging over gold doorknob with black car keys in the basket
I liked this key holder so much that I just had to make another one using the larger bottle.  
close up of plastic repurposed basket with green and pink decorative paper and stickers spelling out "keys"
plastic decorated DIY basket holding keys and black wallet

The larger key holder is large enough to hold my husband’s keys and Blackberry.  Departure times should be much easier now.  Well, I can always hope…

This key holder would be a great idea for a dorm room or roommates sharing a place.  Instead of hanging it on the doorknob, you could hang it on a hook by the front door or in a coat closet.  Using a temporary adhesive hook would make it dorm or apartment friendly.

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