Last Minute Teacher Appreciation Gift

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My son’s 3rd grade class decided to give their 29-year old male teacher a class gift consisting of small gifts from each child.These were placed in one large box for the teacher to open.Sounds like a wonderful idea…until you sit down to figure out what to get the male teacher (have I said yet, that the teacher is a man?) So all the usual “girly” gifts are out.  And in comes the decorated candy bar teacher appreciation gift.
DIY blackboard craft
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Luckily,  the teacher likes coconut candy.  So I ran to the store and purchased a large “fancy candy” coconut candy bar. We grabbed our stash of colored paper and stickers.

stack of craft paper
My son and I then decorated the candy bar to look like a chalkboard.  This allowed my son to write a note on the “chalkboard” to his teacher. 
DIY blackboard craft

 It was a quick and easy craft project.  And a pretty cute one, too.

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