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I was born into an organized family. My dad has always been very disciplined about being on time and planning ahead (I never knew there were people who were late to anything; how can that be?). My mom has always been very practical and organized (she designed her wedding dress so that she was able to wear it for years to formal functions by changing out the accessories).
My dad taught me to “plan ahead for every contingency.” While this was the bane of my teenage years, I now see the value of that wisdom. It’s become such a part of how I see the world, that I’ve almost forgotten what life was like before planning ahead.
My mom taught me the important life lesson that every linen closet is built differently so you have to figure out the best way to fold and stack your linens for that particular closet. This principle has guided me as an adult through setting up the 19 homes I’ve lived in and numerous offices I’ve worked in. If you think about it, it’s a profound truth that reaches way beyond linen closets.
I was in logistics in the military, so needless to say, the FIFO (first in first out) principle is so deeply ingrained, it’s now part of my DNA. Holding an undergraduate degree in economics, with a concentration in Organizational Design, I approach life assessing the most efficient way to structure it with the given resources for the current purpose.
Whew. Is it obvious now why I organize? I can’t help myself, I must organize. But I truly believe that life is complicated enough; organization should make it easier, not more complicated. An organized life is a simpler, more enjoyable one.

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