Teacher Valentine Printable

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This teacher Valentine printable is perfect for anyone who loves books, reading, education and nostalgia. This library card printable can be used by students, teachers and librarians to give as Valentine’s Day Cards. It’s so charming and there’s an editable version to make it even easier for you if you’d prefer not to hand write your Valentine’s cards out. You choose which version works best for your situation.

a collage of library cards and smarties with title text reading Printable & Editable Library Card Valentine

I love when a reader takes one of my ideas and builds on it. This happened last year with my library cards printable.  I saw on Instagram that an elementary school library media specialist, Monster Wrangler Mike, had added text to my simple library card and turned it into a witty Valentine’s Day card with a treat that he handed out to his students.  

How cute is the “Books Make You a ‘Smartie'” line for the book title?!

I was so inspired by those library card Valentine’s Day cards that I made a new version of my printable library cards to make creating your own printable Valentine’s Day cards even easier. 

Teacher Valentine Printable

This library card Valentine’s Day printable is perfect for anyone who loves reading, books, learning and nostalgic library cards. 

Ideas for these teacher Valentine Printable cards:

  • Valentines from teacher to student printable for Valentine’s Day
  • Librarians to give to the students or customers on Valentine’s Day
  • Book store owners to give to customers on Valentine’s Day
  • Printable Valentines for kids to give out to classmates for Valentine’s Day cards
  • Handout or gift to be used as bookmarks
  • Printable Valentine tags for Valentine’s Day gifts
printable library card valentines

Teacher Valentine Printable Supplies

Get Your Free Editable 
Teacher Valentine Library Card
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How to Make Teacher Valentine Printable Cards

  • Download your choice of the free library cards printable or the editable library card printable.
    • Feel free to use this printable for your personal use, but please do not share it with friends. Instead, please share a link to this post so that friends can download their own copy of the printable library card.
  • If you choose the editable library card, add your name to the author block and add the date to the “Date Loaned” block, if desired.
  • Print the library card template on card stock paper.
  • Cut each card out.
  • If you choose the blank library card template, fill out the card by hand.
  • Tape Smarties candy to the card, if desired. 
printable & editable library card  Valentines and a paper cutter

What a fun printable Valentine’s Day card to give to friends, students or customers! This teacher Valentine printable has so many applications, whether you’re a teacher or not. 

printable library cards for Valentine's day and smarties candy

Be sure to pin to for your future use and inspiration. 

printable library cards for Valentine's day and smarties candy

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  1. Is there access to the editable Valentine’s? I would love to add a title and student name, however, I can’t seem to find it.

    Thank you –

    1. I’m sorry that the link was missing, Callie. Thanks so much for letting me know. It’s been added now in 2 places (and I emailed the document directly to you).

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