April To Do List

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printable April To Do Checklist
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It’s April and time to start your Spring cleaning.  You can access your April To Do List {here}. 

Depending on where you live in the country or world, spring cleaning in April  means different things.  If it’s too still too cold where you live to do some of these chores, slip them until May when it warms up more.  If the pollen is heavy in April or May in your area, slip washing the outsides of your windows until after the heavy pollen is gone.

First off this month, it’s a new quarter and time to replace your mascara and your toothbrush.  Don’t forget to swap out toothbrushes for all family members and wrestle the mascara out of teen daughters’ hands to be replaced with new.

You have two weeks to get those taxes filed.  Do it, do it, do it.

As the weather warms up and you want to start opening widows, it’s a great time to clean all curtains and blinds.  Don’t wait.  You want to do this cleaning now  so you can take advantage of the nice Spring temperatures and before it gets too hot. 

If your weather and pollen levels allow, it’s time to wash the windows inside and out.  If the pollen is terrible in April and May, then just wash the insides of the windows now and tackle the outsides next month.  I learned about sticky yellow pollen the hard way our first Spring in New Jersey.  I was very efficient and looking forward to warmer weather and got all the windows washed inside and out by the middle of April.  Guess what happened the end of April and start of May?  That’s right, my beautiful sparkly windows were covered in sticky yellow pollen.  Guess who had to wash her windows again in late May?  Guess who washed her windows later the next year!  Learn from my mistake.

Now is the month to strip all and I mean all bedding from the beds and give it all a good wash or cleaning.  If your bedding can’t be washed, take it to the dry cleaners.   Most pillows are machine washable (be sure to check the care label). To prevent the residue that powdered detergents can leave, use a mild liquid detergent. Wash two pillows together to keep the washing machine balanced. Be sure to rinse the pillows a second time after the wash cycle to make sure all the detergent is washed out.   To dry your pillows use the air cycle or low-heat setting.  Dry pillows completely to prevent mold.  Dry on low heat to prevent damage to polyester-filled pillows. Use dryer balls to help fluff up the pillows. {source: Martha Stewart Living}.  Take advantage of this time to rotate your matress, too.

Take a quick peek at the items that tend to go on sale this month.  See anything you might need and should be on the look out for?  Make a list and stick it in your purse for your next shopping trip.

Enjoy the warmer weather.  It’s finally here.  And come back in May to get Your May To Do List.

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  1. Susan, thank you so much for this great idea. We all must be more organized! Thank you for linking it up at the linky party at As well, Susan, I just want to mention that I noticed that you visit others in our linky party and I want to both command and thank you for that. We all want those lovely comments, but it takes two to tango. Happy Easter, Susan!

  2. Your April To Do List has many items that I do need to do. Thanks for listing them all! 🙂 Thanks for sharing again at Funday Monday Sylvia

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