April To Do Checklist

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I’m a busy mama. A. Busy. Mama. If I don’t plan ahead and make a checklist I don’t seem to get things done. To make sure I take care of all the things I need to do, I break chores down into manageable chunks.

I’ve created monthly checklists so I can plan ahead and remember to get everything done. Having an April To Do Checklist not only helps keep me organized it also helps me save money.

checklist for April to do tasks in red and blue with title text reading Free Printable Monthly To Do List

Use this April To Do Checklist to remind yourself to replace your toothbrush and make-up this month. In a busy, busy life it’s much too easy to forget to replace your personal care items. You want to replace them every 3 months to make sure that they don’t pass any germs or bacteria on to you.  

April is also a great time to get started on your Spring Cleaning by tackling your windows and bedding. Just make sure you wait to start on the windows until pollen season is over in your area.

Since April is when you file your taxes, take the time to sort and file your paperwork now. You can even do it while watching your favorite show with my easy tips.

A big part of my monthly planning is taking into account what items are typically on sale this month and evaluate what I need to purchase. Running through the checklist and a bit of planning helps me save money by purchasing the items I need at the best prices.

Be sure to take a minute or two to plan for birthday and anniversary cards and gifts. A few minutes spent now will save you panicked hours later.

Did I miss any items I need to add to the April To Do Checklist

If you missed last month’s, here’s the March To Do Checklist.

If you want to look ahead, here’s the May To Do Checklist.

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  1. Hi Susan – Great minds think alike! I changed out mascara and toothbrushes this weekend! Love this printable. Now if only I could figure out how to wave the magic wand and have the windows wash themselves!!!! Hugs, Holly

  2. Oh Susan, we all need this here but we should name it “To do for Passover”.
    It’s totally crazy here and it’s like this every year.
    And yes – we need to write everything down, otherwise we forget stuff.

  3. I love to-do lists! I sooo dread cleaning windows and blinds… but I really need to get it done. Pinning this, and adding it to my other to-dos! šŸ™‚

  4. What a great list. I make daily lists of things to do, but never really thought to do something more long term. Great idea about washing windows to get rid of the pollen

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  6. I just bought your book and I really need help to do this. I have an issue with yarn and craft stuff. I have a brand new grand baby my first due in September i want to convert a bedroom/craft room into a guest bedroom/nursery.
    garage is the other problem.

    1. Thanks so much, Jill. I hope you find my book helpful. I’d say making a nursery guest for a grandbaby would be a good motivator! šŸ™‚ I’d love to have my future grandchildren visit very often.

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