Thank You Veteran Card Writing Tips

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With the 4th of July just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to send a thank you veteran card to your favorite veteran or military member. If you don’t know any personally, don’t worry, I’ve got a list of five ways to find local veterans groups to send American Greetings cards to. And be sure to download your free copy of Writing Tips for Cards to Veterans

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With sending cards on my mind, I was so happy to find the perfect thank you card from American Greetings.

My dad was a Vietnam veteran, I’m an Air Force veteran, my brother is an Army veteran, my husband is on active duty now, and I have two uncles and four cousins that are all veterans. So I guess you won’t be surprised to know that the 4th of July and finding ways to thank a veteran are near and dear to my heart. 

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I sat down last week to plan our 4th of July activities and menu. Since I grew up around and in the military, of course, my AAFES Exchange is the first place I think to shop. Did you know that about two-thirds of the earnings The Exchange makes are paid to MWR programs that assist service members and their families each year? That and the convenience of shopping at my Exchange make it a simple choice. You can find your nearest AAFES Exchange, no matter where in the world you are. 

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As I was planning our 4th of July activities, I knew I would include our favorite cookout menu items and our family tradition 4th of July Scavenger Hunt. And then I started thinking about my dad’s more than twenty years of military service. As I walked down memory lane, I realized that this year I want to also send 4th of July greetings to veterans—with some help from American Greetings.

Thank You Veterans 

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We can never thank our veterans enough. Many veterans feel awkward when thanked because we don’t know how to respond. But as the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, I want to encourage you to thank as many veterans as you can. It’s something that too many veterans haven’t heard enough. Those same veterans that express their discomfort at being thanked often also say that they appreciate the sentiment.

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As a veteran that has been sent far away from family and friends, I know firsthand how meaningful it is to receive a card of thanks and support. And I’ve seen how much it means to other active duty members and veterans.

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While I was at my AAFES Exchange stocking up for our July 4th festivities, I easily found a large selection of American Greetings thank you and appreciation cards. Avoid cards with glitter for deployed troops, and really any veterans. This particular American Greetings card is perfect because, while it has a bit of sparkle, none of the glitter will come off the card. The card helps inspire just what to say to thank a veteran this 4th of July.

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Thank You Veteran Card Writing Tips

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You can download a free copy of Writing Tips for Cards for Veterans for tips to help you write your card. 

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Start with a salutation that is natural for you. You don’t have to be too formal. Think about how you will address the veteran. Many veterans feel uncomfortable being called brave or a hero, so instead address them as “veteran” or “fellow American.” More tips are shared on the writing tips cheat sheet.
Express your thanks to them sincerely, but be careful not to go overboard. Keep in mind that the veteran may feel uncomfortable being thanked since they were “just doing their job.” A simple, sincere thank you says it all.

Share a little about yourself and family. Share how your family will be celebrating the 4th of July. 

Have children draw pictures or write a simple note. There is nothing more innocent and sincere than a note from a child. It’s always greatly appreciated because who doesn’t love a child’s note or drawing?

tips for writing cards to veterans with cards on top and flag

If you’re attending a cookout or party for Independence Day, you can set up a veteran thank you card writing station at your 4th of July festivities. Provide:

  • Copies of the Writing Tips for Cards for Veterans
  • Thank you and appreciation cards from American Greetings
  • Pens
  • Paper and crayons or markers for children
  • Names and addresses if you gathered them in preparation
  • A Box or large envelope to collect general thank you cards to mail to a veterans’ organization for them to disseminate. 

If you’d prefer, you can take the time to write thank you veteran cards at home with your family and discuss why it’s important for your family to take the time to say thank you. It’s a great opportunity to talk about service to community and country, ways to support those who serve, and your family’s values. 

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