Recycled Blocks for Valentine’s Decor

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I am getting nervous because I’m nearing the end of my game block stash (words I never imagined saying).  When I stumbled upon 2 bags of game blocks in a thrift store last summer I wasn’t sure what I’d do with them, but knew that they qualified as a perfect thrift store item to repurpose.  Today I’m sharing my Valentine’s décor upcycled from recycled blocks

Red blocks with white letters spelling out "love" on white wood table

I love the creative inspiration of using recycled items to create an upcycled craft. Plus, using recycled items:

  • Are less expensive supplies
  • Are earth-friendly supplies
  • Take the stress out of crafting since you didn’t spend much on them
  • Always impress since it’s a repurposed craft

Recycled Blocks for Valentine’s Day

pile of wood game blocks on white wood table

My odyssey into recycling game blocks all started when I found these game blocks at a local thrift store.  You can find the super easy directions on how I turned the blocks into my first repurposed project.

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Featured Image
top image - blocks in red and green spelling out "believe, bottom image - red blocks spelling out "love"

Two months ago, I made a set of repurposed blocks as a Christmas decoration.  As I was placing the letters for the Christmas  decor repurposed blocks, I realized that I was only one letter away from being able to spell love.  Light bulb moment!  I planned the letters and decorative paper so that I could use the L, V and E to spell love for Valentine’s Day.  I simply placed the O on the back of one of the other blocks.  So that makes today’s post a repurposed repurposed project (goofy excited, recycling, crazed mom grin)!

close up of red blocks spelling out the word love

I’m so happy with these cute little recycled game blocks. Aren’t they just perfect for Valentine’s decor?

close up of red blocks with letters to spell out love

This would also be a great project to make with the kiddos.  I’ll see you at the thrift store searching for wood game blocks to make more recycled game blocks projects.

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  1. Hi Susan – I am totally jumping up and down with excitement for you for the repurpose repurposing. I wonder how many holidays you can go through by repurposing your letters before they run out… I triple dog dare you!!! Hugs, Holly

    1. Oh, no! You’ve jumped straight to the triple dog dare, Holly! Since I only have one lonely block left, repurposing the blocks again sounds good.

  2. LOL. Make me laugh. I just wrote on my last post about buying something not knowing what it can be used for but see the potential for a great project.

    Love your recycled blocks.

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  4. I have always loved what you have done with your blocks. I think this is the best yet! I wish I had your talent for seeing something new in everything!

    1. You’re too sweet, Cynthia. I’m feeling a bit sad because I only have 1 block left. I’m on the hunt to find more blocks.

  5. Because they are such sturdy wood pieces, I haven’t been able to throw out our Jenga pieces even though no one in our family plays it anymore. This is the perfect way to put them to good use! Thanks for the idea!

  6. I love your ideas, we need more people thinking how to repurposed all the things we don`t use …. So bad I already upcycled my Jenga…. I made a great box 🙂

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  8. so bold, so chunky, so full of love and excitement! Love these recycled block letters and perfect for year round reminder of love as well as for Valentine’s. Thanks for linking the inspiration to our Valentine’s party!

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