Tips to Transport Holiday Food

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Simple tips to transport holiday food to a get together. #GobbleAgain #IC [ad]

As a military family, we’ve never been stationed in the same town (or state) as our families. Like many families, we often travel to spend the holidays with family and friends. Sometimes our trip is just minutes away and other times it’s hours away. Over the years, I’ve picked up a few tips to transport holiday food that work for my family.

I was raised that you always bring a dish or two when you attend a party (if you’re from Hawai’i or know someone who is, you know exactly what I mean). Whether I’m traveling across town to spend the holidays with friends or several hours to be with family, I always bring a dish to contribute. It’s important to transport the food safely so that it arrives fresh and looking pretty. If I’ve gone through the effort to cook and transport food, I want it to be fresh, tasty and pretty enough to proudly share. I use these tips to transport holiday food so that I can present a special dish to my hosts. 

Tips to Transport Holiday Food

Consider the Distance When Choosing Your Recipe –  When selecting your recipe, consider how far you’ll have to transport the dish. If you’re just traveling around the corner, you can choose a different dish than if you’re traveling a couple hours away from home. 

Choose Dishes that Can Be Kept at Room Temperature – I have a handful of my favorite recipes that can be kept at room temperature that I take to holiday get-togethers. Save the recipes that must be served hot or cold for when you’re hosting at your home. 

Simple tips to transport holiday food to a get together. #GobbleAgain #IC [ad]

Use Containers Designed to Transport Food – Take the time to find food storage containers that will work to transport your favorite recipes. It’s worth the time to find the perfect containers for your family and invest in them. Quality food storage containers that will make it easy for you to transport your favorite dishes and keep them fresh during transport are worth their weight in gold and you’ll use them for years and years to come.

Use a Box and Towel to Transport – If you don’t have a food storage container that will fit the dish you’re transporting, use a box padded with a towel to make your own secure transporting tray. Just make sure that the bottom of your box is sturdy enough to support your filled dish.

Simple tips to transport holiday food to a get together. #GobbleAgain #IC [ad]

Put the Portion that Must be Kept at a Set Temperature in an Insulated Bag – I find that taking an appetizer to a holiday get-together is the perfect solution. I can place the dip in an insulated bag with either a cold pack if the dip needs to be kept cold or a couple of hot baked potatoes to keep a hot dish warm. The remainder of the appetizer can be transported at room temperature. 

Simple tips to transport holiday food to a get together. #GobbleAgain #IC [ad]

Use Containers that Can Serve Two Purposes –  Your hostess will appreciate you if you bring a food storage container that can also be used to serve at the holiday meal. It’s stressful for the hostess to have to scramble to find a serving dish if you don’t bring one with you. Being able to transport your dish and serve it in the same food storage container is ideal.

Simple tips to transport holiday food to a get together. #GobbleAgain #IC [ad]

I’m impressed with these Rubbermaid® food storage containers. They both are simple solutions to make everyday and holiday life less complicated. They make it easy to transport your holiday dish, keep it fresh  and serve it in the same container. 

Simple tips to transport holiday food to a get together. #GobbleAgain #IC [ad]

The Rubbermaid® Party Serving Kit is an all-in-one food serving container that allows you to securely transport and serve your favorite holiday food. Can you believe that it can be used in 10+ ways to transport and serve your holiday food? There are a base and two inserts: a standard-sized cup cake insert and a mini cupcake or deviled egg insert. All components are 100% BPA free and are dishwasher safe. I’m thrilled about the different inserts that will keep cupcakes, mini cupcakes and deviled eggs from sliding around during transport.  Those interchangeable inserts are easily stored inside the lid and mean I only need one food storage container for a variety of uses rather than multiple containers. 

Simple tips to transport holiday food to a get together. #GobbleAgain #IC [ad]

The Party Platter comes with a leak-proof Twist & Seal™ dip container that fits securely within the base. The outer lid snaps tightly onto the base for food storage and secure transportation. All components are 100% BPA free and are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. 

Simple tips to transport holiday food to a get together. #GobbleAgain #IC [ad]

I was excited to see that both the Party Platter and the Party Serving Kit are Made in the U.S.A. I’m always on the look out for quality products that are Made in the U.S.A. so that I can support American business and American workers.

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Simple tips to transport holiday food to a get together. #GobbleAgain #IC [ad]

What tips to transport holiday food do you use? Enjoy your Thanksgiving and holiday celebrations and all that delicious food! 

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  1. These are all great tips! I have to look for some of those Rubbermaid totes because we’re always bringing treats in for parties at school. For potluck parties, I usually use crockpot recipes since I have one that has clips to lock down the lid. I’d love for you to share some of your favorite room-temperature party food recipes!

  2. I love these! They are the best for picnics, parties, whatever. I’m usually not a big fan of plastic but these are an exception to the rule.

  3. Hi Susan, I never thought about using containers that can serve two purposes. Great tip. I have a tip to share. Don’t let the accident prone person carry the treats. You might end up with an upside down cake. It happened to me. It still tasted good it just didn’t look pretty.

    1. Oh, no, Darlene! I’m sure your family and friends didn’t mind, but how frustrating for you. That’s a great tip, thank you! Have a happy and stumble-free Thanksgiving.

  4. These are great ideas (especially putting baked potatoes in the bag to keep food warm)! I’ll definitely remember these and subscribe for any future tips and tricks you have. I’d love for you to check out my Christmas Card List on my blog (and linked through Link Party Palooza). Thanks!

  5. Your mini fall-inspired brownies look so delicious. And that carrier case to bring them to a potluck or kids party at school looks so handy.

  6. Susan, these are such great tips. I really like the one about thinking about taking room temperature foods. No need to worry that something will go bad. I think I need to get one of those Party Serving Kits. So many great uses.

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