Thanksgiving Brownie Cups

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white tray of brownies with acorn candy

Thanksgiving is a holiday to share with friends and family. Because we’re a military family that is never stationed near family, I’m often the one carrying a dish to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving. I prefer to take a dish that can remain at room temperature to make it easier for me to transport holiday food and for the hostess to store and serve it. These Thanksgiving brownie cups are super easy to make and are so fun to serve. They always receive rave reviews at our holiday get-togethers. Serving a bite-sized treat is ideal at a holiday meal because it means that you can enjoy more than one treat and not feel guilty (or too bloated).

I’m a big fan of serving bite-sized or mini desserts. Not only are they cute, but it makes portion control easier in the face of overwhelming food temptation. I’m also a fan of desserts that help me use up extra Halloween candy. You may remember my family’s favorite Mini Finger Pies that use up extra candy and these Thanksgiving acorn candy brownies do the exact same thing. 

Start by baking your favorite brownie recipe or mix in a mini muffin pan. I baked my mini brownie cups for 20 minutes at the temperature specified in my recipe. Check your brownies after the 15 minute mark because bake times can vary depending on your oven.

brown cutting board with pile of tan candy chips, small round brown sandwich cookies and larger tan candy drops

While your brownies are baking you can assemble the candy acorns. You’ll need drop shaped candy. I used pumpkin spice flavored drop candy, but you can use chocolate or caramel. You’ll also use mini cookies. I separated these mini sandwich cookies and used just one cookie for each acorn. Finally, you’ll need mini peanut butter or butterscotch chips. 

hand holding light brown candy near black pan

Warm a pan on low heat. Quickly and carefully heat the bottom of the candy drop. Attach the mini cookie firmly to the candy drop. Then heat the bottom of the mini chips and press them firmly to the top of the mini cookie. Set the candy acorns aside and let them cool so that the candy and cookies are firmly attached.

collage of colorful Thanksgiving themed pages
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close up of tray of brownies with acorn candy

I placed the candy acorns on the top of the brownie bites when I set the dessert out. You could use frosting to attach the candy acorn to the brownie cup if you wanted.

table with tray of cut apples and dip and tray of brownies with acorn candy on Thanksgiving themed table cloth

These Thanksgiving Brownie cups with candy acorn decorations are always a big hit on our Thanksgiving table along with Pilgrim Hat Cookies. Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving treat?

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