5-Minute Organizing Tasks to Do While Waiting

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5-Minute Organizing Tasks (10+ things you can do while you wait)    Page Two

Brainstorm birthday or holiday gift ideas – Open up your note taking app or pull out your bullet journal. Write down everyone you exchange gifts with.

  • Brainstorm a couple of ideas for each person.
  • Consider one idea that will work for multiple people.
    • Family gift ideas
    • A more general gift that will be appreciated by several people on your list
      • Food Basket
      • Book
      • Gift Card
  • Brainstorm general gift ideas that you can have on hand for last-minute gifting. 

If you have time, start online shopping and either order gifts or bookmark gifts you identify.

Add Birthdays and Anniversaries to Your Calendar – Check friends, coworkers, clients and neighbor’s Facebook or other social media to find birth dates and anniversaries. Add those dates to your calendar. Then add a reminder a week or more prior to each date to purchase gifts and cards and to mail gifts and cards.

Create a Menu Plan – Look at your weekly schedule and plan out your dinner menu for the week. Use either your bullet journal, a menu planning app or your digital notebook app.

If you have time, start a shopping list that you can finalize when you get home and are able to check recipes and your pantry and fridge.

Clean Out Your Purse or Bag – If you have space, empty your purse or bag entirely. If you don’t have the space, clean out one section at a time. Check out my tips to organizing the mosh pit of your purse.

  • Remove any trash 
  • Group like items together
  • Put items that don’t belong in your purse or bag in one pocket so you can remove them when you get home
  • Make note of any organizing products that would help you keep your bag better organized in the future. 

Schedule Other Appointments – Spend the time to make other appointments for yourself and your family. You can often schedule appointments through online portals. Depending on where you are waiting, you may be able to call to make appointments. Of course, please be considerate if you are sitting in an office waiting and will impact other people. 

What do you usually do with time spent waiting? Do you fritter it away? Try using it productively and see how much organization and simplicity you can achieve in these small blocks of time.  These 5-minute organizing tasks you can do while waiting will make a big impact for you.

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Don't waste those 5 to 15 minutes spent waiting at an appointment, for the train or for a friend. These 5-minute organizing tasks can be done while waiting.

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