Organizing the Study Home Tour

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A brand new edition of the Peeping Moms Home Tour and this month we’re featuring the study.  Find out the tips I use for organizing the study in our home.Peeping Moms

Come see my tips on organizing the study and take a peeping moms home tour.Organizing the Study Home Tour - Organized 31

 Some day I’d love a real old-fashioned, leather chair, pipe smoking (fake, of course), bookshelf lined walls, hunting dog laying at your feet type of library study.  Until the military stops moving us every couple of years, I’m happy with our traditional looking furniture in our study.  It evokes the library feel that I dream of and I’m able to move it with me to each new house.

We chose to decorate the study with our military awards and memorabilia. Between my husband and I, we have over 30 years in the military, so you can imagine that we have quite a bit of stuff.Organizing the Study Home Tour - Organized 31

We try to keep the top of the desk clear since the entire family uses this computer and desk.  You may recognize the Big Bang Theory pencil cup I made (it’s still a family favorite).  I also keep the organizing box on the right side of the desk to hold loose papers rather than having them pile up on top of the work space area.Organizing the Study Home Tour - Organized 31

The desk has a ledge underneath that I use to hold some other items that we need to have accessible but that I want out-of-the-way.  The red box is a repurposed Costco box and the green box is a repurposed paper towel box.  They work perfectly to hold our items and I don’t have to feel guilty if they don’t work in our next house.  I’ll just recycle them.Organizing the Study Home Tour - Organized 31

The drawer to the desk is very shallow so regular drawer organizers don’t fit.  I simply cut down one of my favorite repurposed lettuce trays and it works perfectly to organize pens and pencils.Organizing the Study Home Tour - Organized 31

I pulled out the label maker to label each of the bazillion cords that are plugged in under the desk.  I can’t tell you how much time and frustration this has saved us during those why-isn’t-this-bleepin-thing-working situations that arise much too often.Organizing the Study Home Tour - Organized 31

This room has a tiny closet and I was able to fit a shelf unit (that I’ve had for over 20 years) in it to organize our extra supplies.  I buy commonly used school supplies on sale to help my kiddos save money (we teach them financial responsibility by having them budget to buy their own school supplies).  I’m able to neatly organize and store the supplies in the closet until one of the kiddos needs them.Organizing the Study Home Tour - Organized 31

I have  study supplies organized within reach of the desk to make it easy for the kids to find what they need for their homework.  That allows them to focus on the homework not on locating a pencil or whatever they need.Organizing the Study Home Tour - Organized 31

You may recognize the repurposed pencil buckets (it always amuses me when I repurpose and already repurposed item) and the newsprint covered tuna box organizerOrganizing the Study Home Tour - Organized 31

I’m pleased with our very functional and flexible study.  It meets the needs of my entire family and looks pretty too.  I’ll keep dreaming of my ideal study, but for now, I’m very content.Organizing the Study Home Tour - Organized 31

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 Corinne at Wondermomwannabe


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  1. I have part of your dream study. We have the built in bookshelves and they make me smile every time I look at them. Here they are:

    1. The bookshelves look lovely and are an inspiration for me to “purge and reorganize”. Thanks for posting.

      1. Carmen, pssst, don’t tell anyone, but this home tour series is my incentive to purge and reorganize each room one at a time 😉

  2. What a great space! I love the top of your desk, I think the leather is a great touch. I would hate for you to come over to my house and open the drawers on my desk! On second thought, perhaps you should! The wooden airplane really caught my eye. Lovely piece of art.

  3. Susan, that is a BRILLIANT idea….linking up other bloggers with post like yours to keep readers engaged, and to help share these other wonderful sites! Genius!

  4. Great ideas I think I need to find a space o collect extra school supplies and things for homework. Lol stock up next year at back to school sales.

      1. lol, Mel. It’s a habit now for me. I also use these supplies for donations and Operation Christmas Child boxes.

  5. Hi Susan – Thank you for the opportunity to look behind the doors and see your study space. We just did some transitioning and are working on Hubby’s office, and we have the same dream with the smoking jacket and hunting dog kind of library. Oh, some day. I love how you have everything so organized for the family. Fun to be a Peeping Mom with you! Hugs, Holly

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