Repurposed Wire Basket for Towel Storage

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Our downstairs bathroom has no cabinets for storage.  After almost two years, I still hadn’t found the right place or way to store the clean hand towels.  I didn’t want to store them upstairs in the linen closet since we need them in the downstairs bathroom.  I didn’t want buy a cabinet or shelf for this bathroom since we don’t know how long we’ll be here.  I didn’t want to just pile them up in the bathroom (which, in frustration, I considered briefly).  I want them contained somewhere, somehow AND conveniently located.
I had settled on storing them in the tiny laundry room located across the hall from the bathroom. 
an arrow pointing to towels in a container on top of a shelf with a roll of paper towels on a hanger and hanging from wire shelf
This was not the best solution because this shelf is about 6 feet high, which means I can barely reach it.  And more importantly, the kids can’t reach it.  So every time they needed a new towel, I had to get it down for them.  As I stood on my tippy toes to reach the towels, I’d often bump into the washer and stop the wash cycle.  In the scheme of life, this is insignificant, I know.  But it was pretty darn annoying and definitely unnecessary.   

Then “Oh, Happy Day.”  I found this basket.  I think it was originally an office in/out paperwork basket.  I lik the simple, industrial look.
wire paper basket
And see.  It wedges perfectly between these two support braces.
close up of basket of towels
basket of towels hanging above dryer
I won’t even have to fill any holes in the wall when we leave!  But best of all?  Now the kids can reach their own towels.  AND the basket can move with us for future use in a future home.  Simple solution.

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