Brentwood Home Runyon Pet Bed Review

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 My dog, Lila, is my shadow and best buddy. She’s a big part of our family. She’s always been the life of the party (she’s the dog with the lampshade on her head). She’s growing older and I’m noticing that she moves a bit more slowly and is stiff after sleeping on the floor next to me while I work or relax. Lila is my trusty sidekick and deserves to be pampered with a comfortable place to rest. She and I are both excited about her new Runyon Pet Bed from Brentwood Home (she’s laying in it now). 

dog looking at the camera and laying in brown bed with Brentwood Home label

Brentwood Home Runyon Pet Bed Review

I’m impressed with the quality of the Runyon Delux Pet Bed from Brentwood Home. It’s made with healthy, natural materials that are safe for you and your home. Brentwood Home has been making home and bedding essentials in Los Angeles for  over 30 years! From design to development to manufacturing, they handle it all. They’ve got real expertise when it comes to comfort, and the best part is the healthy, natural materials they use. From natural latex to organic cotton, they make sure your home is taken care of. Think about it – we spend 1/3 of our lives using our bedding products. To me, it’s important that they’re as natural as possible. Many mattress and bedding companies use chemical fire retardants, phthalates, and heavy metals when manufacturing and processing their products. Those can’t be good to breathe in through the night, right? The good news is Brentwood Home doesn’t use any of them, and that makes me feel like Lila and I can sleep safe and sound. Also, a quick side note, Brentwood offers mattresses for people too. They are known to be pretty comfortable, you can read more about it here.

The mattress is a generous 4 7/8 inches thick to support healthy bones and joints while Lila sleeps. I appreciate that the cover is removable, washable and replaceable and has a nontoxic waterproof lining. That means I don’t have to worry about pet odors or messes. This beautiful piece is both a comfy resting place for Lila first and a modern home décor piece that fits perfectly into any existing color scheme.

brown and tan dog sleeping in thick, brown dog bed

Lila immediately jumped in her new Runyon Delux Pet Bed, cuddled up and relaxed. She is a big fan of her new comfy, orthopedic bed. The Runyon Delux Pet Bed comes in a variety of sizes. Lila is enjoying the medium and has plenty of room to stretch and get comfortable.  

The Brentwood Home Runyon Delux Pet Bed makes a wonderful gift for your beloved pet or the pet lover on your list. Lila has only left it to eat and go upstairs to sleep last night. She and I both give it two paws up. 

Update – We’ve had the Runyon Delux Pet Bed for two years now. Lila absolutely loves it. She’s now 13 1/2 years old and she spends most of her day in this comfy bed. I’m so thankful that we have this way of pampering our old lady as a way to show her we care. 

brown and tan dog laying in luxurious dog bed

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  1. Sounds like a great bed. Lila looks right at home. I think it is great that someone made an orthopedic bed for a dog. We all get older and all need support.

  2. Lila looks so comfy in her new bed! I have a couple of pillows from Brentwood Homes and the quality is amazing. I’m sure Lila’s bed will be her favorite spot for years to come.

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