DIY Dog Treat Lei

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overhead view of brown and tan dog wearing lei made of dog treats next to yellow bag of dog treats

Anyone who has lived in Hawai’i knows that this time of year means graduation leis.  Lately I’ve been making graduation leis and my sweet dog, Lila, has been sitting at my feet for hours keeping me company.  Having her with me while I was making leis started me thinking about making a DIY dog treat lei to give to our neighbor’s dog that is graduating from obedience school soon.  You could make the lei for the owner to wear or sized for the dog to wear.  Even better, you could make one for both the owner and the graduating dog.

overhead view of 2 candy leis with colorful candies scattered on white wood table

I grew up in Hawai’i where you give family and friends leis for graduation. There are flower leis, candy leis, crocheted leis, bead leis, ribbon leis and even money leis.  While making candy leis for my niece, I realized that it would be easy to use the same technique to make a dog treat lei. 

DIY Dog Treat Lei

german shepherd laying in dog bed with 2 sets of hands petting the dog

Dog Treat Lei Supplies

Plastic wrap



Dog Treats – I like the Pedigree Dentastix® in the Toy/Small size. The Dentastix are easy to use in making the lei and the smaller sized treats make a more flexible and comfortable lei.

This is the perfect time to pick up candy and dog treats to make your own leis. Share a Little Funshine Sweepstakes

box of plastic wrap, pair of scissors, roll of purple ribbon, roll of yellow ribbon next to yellow bag of dog treats

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yellow tape measure stretched out next to plastic wrap with purple handles pair of scissors cutting wrap

Cut the plastic wrap about 2 1/2 feet long for a medium-sized dog and about 3 1/2 feet to 4 feet long for the owner.

dog treats lines up in line on plastic wrap

Place the dog treats along the center of the plastic wrap with a small space (about 1/2 inch) to allow for tying the ribbon. Fold one side of the plastic wrap over and then roll the row of dog treats until the plastic wrap makes a tube around the treats.

pieces of yellow and purple ribbon cut to same lengths next to line of dog treats wrapped in plastic wrap and roll of yellow ribbon and row of purple ribbon

Cut curling ribbon about 5 – 6 inches long. Tie the ribbon into the space between each treat starting at the center and working towards both ends of the lei. Overlap the two ends of the lei and tie them together.  Curl the ends of the ribbons.

dog treat lei with yellow and purple ribbon laying on white wood table between tan dog paws

Add a bow where you joined the two ends of the lei to help disguise the joining and to make your dog treat lei even prettier.

overhead view of brown and tan dog wearing lei made of dog treats looking at camera

You may have to experiment with the length of your dog treat lei depending on the size and build of your dog.  You want to make the lei longer than a collar but short enough that the dog won’t trip over it. 

brown and tan dog wearing lei made of dog treats next to yellow bag of dog treats

This DIY dog treat lei is easy enough to make that you could have younger kiddos help and older kiddos could make it on their own.

dog treat lei with purple and yellow ribbons laying on white wood table next to colorful candy lei

Making both candy leis and dog treat leis is a fun afternoon craft project. Another fun project to make for your dog is this DIY Dog Cooling Mat.

brightly colored bags of candy with box of plastic wrap, rolls of red, black and white ribbon with purple handled scissors

To make candy leis I knew that I’d be purchasing M&M’s® Plain and M&M’s® Peanut in the 42 ounce bags (because my side of the family absolutely adores M&M’s), Life Savers® Hard Candy (because they some in such bright festive colors for lei making) and Skittles® (because my kids just plain love them).

DIY Dog Treat Lei - Making candy leis is a tradition for graduation, so why not make a dog teat lei for obedience school graduation. #ShareFunshine #Ad

I knew I could get all the candy, dog treats and lei making supplies I needed in one place at Walmart. I found the Pedigree Dentastix on the Pet Care aisle with the dog treats.

brown and tan dog wearing lei made of dog treats next to yellow bag of dog treats

I may have to make another DIY dog treat lei for my own sweet dog since she’s my faithful lei making buddy (and because she loves these Pedigree Dentasix treats).  Who do you know that would appreciate a candy or dog treat lei?

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  1. I am going to have to learn your trick for getting your pup to model so nicely for you. I can never get my dogs to look at the camera unless they are walking towards it to lick the lens! I love her pretty lei. I can picture my dogs trying to gnaw it off their necks, but maybe I’ll just give them the treats and make candy leis for the kids. 🙂

    1. Corinne, I hadn’t thought of two dogs trying to gnaw the leis off each other’s necks. With only one dog, that hadn’t occurred to me. I recommend supervised dog treat leis if you have more than one dog. And about the photos, I didn’t show you all the photos where’s she’s stressing out because there are dog treats strapped to her neck. 🙂

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    1. You would have to take the treats out of the plastic wrap and give them to the dog. My dog did not try to eat through the plastic wrap.

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