Easy DIY Envelope Gift Bag

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I love giving small gifts to neighbors, coworkers and friends. I like sharing a smile and a small gift can do that during a busy holiday season. In the past, I’d never quite figured out the best way to wrap these small gifts. A couple of weeks ago, I while I created an Easy Homemade Advent Calendar, I had one of those light bulb moments and I knew that I’d found the perfect gift wrap for my small gifts in this easy DIY envelope gift bag. And best of all, you can make it from items you already have in your home and personalize it.

large envelopes with bright Christmas wishes written on the front on white table with gifts half out of the envelopes

I’ve made easy envelope gift bags before, but I love how I can personalize the message on these DIY envelope gift bags. If you have envelopes and markers in your home, you can make a DIY envelope gift bag right now in about three minutes. I prefer to use larger envelopes for a bit more impact, but you can use any size envelop that you have on-hand. I also found that prefer using a simple permanent marker for the lettering. I went out an bought a fancy writing pen, but I prefer the control I have with a good ol’ permanent marker.

stack of large white envelopes and colorful markers on wood table

Ever since making the Easy Homemade Advent Calendar for my daughter, I’ve been addicted to using this DIY hand letter technique from One Artsy Mama to decorate anything that doesn’t move. It’s so easy to do and is personalized with your own handwriting. Don’t try to tell me you have terrible handwriting, because mine is the worst (ask my family and friends). Just take your time and practice a bit. It’s relaxing and so rewarding to personalize an easy envelope gift bag (and any other immobile item).

red marker writing "peace" on large white envelope

I created DIY envelope gift bags with different holiday messages, but I found that the ones decorated with “joy” were my favorite. 

3 large envelopes with "joy" written in different colors and a pine branch near them

I made a bunch of these holiday envelope gift bags and then I can simply fill them with my small gifts when I’m heading out to see friends and coworkers.

2 large white envelopes with small gifts and bright colored words written on them

What gifts to you have that are perfect for filling an easy DIY envelope gift bag?

2 large white envelopes with small gifts and bright colored words written on them and pine branch neaby

Need some small gift ideas?

3 DIY papercrafted Santa suits with pine branch nearby
3 DIY decorated notebooks
3 DIY Christmas decorated candy containers
2 pink knit coffee cup sleeves on wood table with sugar packets

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  1. Very cute idea, Susan! Some of the gift envelopes you buy for gift cards are only large enough for the card, not for a note. These are perfect and so simple… could even tie a ribbon through the corner with a hole punch!

  2. These are so pretty – the colors are so vibrant against the white. I love an easy craft and I am now convinced that I could make one too!

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