Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

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Using a bullet journal weekly spread is the foundation of my personal bullet journal. I find that it gives me the useful full-week view and plenty of space to track appointment and tasks. I created this free printable bullet journal weekly spread to make it quick and easy for you (and for me) to stay organized and focused.

Top image open journal with black over, lower image  of 2 sheets of printable bullet journal weekly spreads with red text overlay reading Free Printable Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Many bullet journalers enjoy creating and designing their own bullet journal spreads and pages. I am extremely busy (and not artistic), so I created my own bullet journal printables and this bullet journal weekly spread is one I personally use every single day.

Bullet journal printables make it quick and easy to harness the power of a bullet journal for busy people.

You can use this free printable bullet journal template in conjunction with your own hand-created bullet journal spreads. Use this printable when you are particularly busy and create your own when you are able.

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What is a bullet journal spread?

  • The bullet journal can trace it’s roots back to Ryder Carrol. The power of the bullet journal is that you can design it to perfectly meet your unique needs and preferences, and that includes using bullet journal spreads.
  • A bullet journal spread is usually two pages, one on the left and one on the right, that are used together in planning or tracking.
  • While any two page bullet journal tool can be a spread, they term bullet journal spread commonly refers to calendar-style planner tools.
  • There are many common bullet journal spreads:
    • Daily Spreads or Dailies
    • Weekly Spreads or Weeklies
    • Monthly Spread or Monthlies
  • A collection or tracker can be a spread, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • If you think of a spread as any two-page tool you use in your bullet journal, there are really no limits on what can be a spread.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

Images of two different styles of bullet journal weekly spreads

How to Print this Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

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  • If you want to use only one of the two styles, be sure to select the page you’d like when you print.
  • You can also decide if you’d like to print the pages front to back or leave the back of the pages blank for note pages or other collections.
  • If you choose to print the bullet journal weekly spreads out at home, I recommend the use of a heavier weight paper that will hold up to daily use. You can use plain printer paper, but this is luxurious paper that makes using your bullet journal a pleasure. I’ve also used this more budget-friendly paper with good results.

How to Use this Bullet Journal Weekly Spread

  • Fill in the dates next to each day of the week.
  • You may want to write the month at the top of both or one page.
  • Add appointments, events, birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.
  • Add projects and tasks.
  • If you choose to use the bullet journal weekly spread version with check boxes, check off tasks as you accomplish them.
  • If you choose to use the minimalist spread, use the standard bullet journal consider using the traditional bullet journal symbols.

Tips for Using a Weekly Spread

  • Print out 2-3 months work of weekly spreads to use at a time. I don’t recommend more than 6 months’ worth because your journal or planner becomes unwieldy.
  • At the end of each week, evaluate uncompleted tasks. Either move them on to the next week and reschedule them or decide that they no longer need to be completed.
    • The act of rescheduling tasks is an incentive to complete them. After a couple of weeks of rewriting tasks on the new week, you surprisingly find the time to just get the thing done.
    • Rewriting tasks also gives you clarity on what really does need to be done and what you can let go of.
    • On occasion, you may decide that you want to schedule the task several weeks or months in the future because realistically you’re not going to have the time before then.
  • I remove last week’s spread from my bullet journal, but you can choose to maintain the old spreads if you find that helpful.
  • Try different ways of using your bujo weekly spread and find what works best for you.
  • Be aware that what worked well for you last month, may need to be tweaked to work well now. That’s the beauty of a bullet journal – it works for you and your unique preferences.

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