Poems About Losing a Loved One

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When you’ve lost someone close to you, there are many reasons you many want to read poems about losing a loved one. This collection of 48 poems about loss has something for every need.

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After losing both of my parents unexpectedly in six months, I was reeling. I found great comfort in reading poems about the loss of loved one and in listening to songs about losing a loved one.

The poems and songs helped me put into words the emotions and thoughts that were tumbling around inside of me. Many of these poems about losing a loved one were able to clarify and express my feelings of profound loss that previously had just been overwhelming. The poems gave me a structure to think about and begin to process and heal from my grief.

I found myself turning again and again to these poems and songs as new waves of grief developed. Different poems helped me at different stages of my grief.

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What is a Eulogy Poem?

A eulogy poem is used to express your grief and love for the loved one you’ve lost. The poem beautifully shares the words that you can’t express yourself but feel deeply in your heart and soul.

You can share a eulogy poem by:

  • Reading aloud the poem about losing a loved one at the funeral.
  • Read as part of the eulogy.
  • Have the poem printed in the funeral program, on the funeral card or in the obituary.
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Poems About Losing a Loved One

As you read through the poems, you may find that some don’t speak to you. Keep reading and searching, there will be at least one that will be “the one” – the one that expresses exactly what your heart has been voicelessly crying out. When you do find the poem that is the one, you’ll know and it will be a treasure to you.

Short Funeral Poems

Fourteen shorter poems about the loss of a loved one. These poems are often used at the funeral or in obituaries.

You may find that you want to bookmark or print out these poems about losing a loved one so you can find them again and again when you need the support that they provide. There are also plaques and wall hangings available with many of these poems. You may find it encouraging to hang a poem where you see it daily.


Thirty-four medium length poems about losing someone you love. It can help you process your thoughts and emotions when you read a poem about the loss of a loved one.

In addition to turning to poems about losing a loved one and songs, I found that performing Purposeful Ideas to Honor a Deceased Loved Ones helped me to put my pent up grief to good use. I collected 25 ideas that will help you make a positive impact as a way to honor your loved one.

Be sure to pin so that you can find these poems about losing a loved one if you need them in the future.

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