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Originally published November 9, 2016, updated October 27, 2020 and October 6, 2022.

There are many occasions when you’d like to thank a veteran for their service, but you’re just not sure how to start. These free printable thank a veteran cards make it easy to let them know how much you appreciate their service and positively impact a veteran’s day.

The cards are a great way for you to convey your thoughts and appreciation without getting choked up. This is also a great activity for families and children.

chalkboard sign with words "Thank you, veterans" on wood table in front of American flag.

Many people have asked me how to express military appreciation for service members, their families and for veterans. I’m a veteran and have 10 family members in two generations that are veterans. Their service span from the Vietnam war in the 1960’s until now. I know what it’s like thank a member of the military and to be thanked myself.

Many veterans have never been thanked. Can you believe it? I know because I’m the daughter of a Vietnam vet that was not thanked. Also, I’ve participated in Honor Flight greetings and had veterans tell me that it was the first time anyone had ever thanked them for their service.

Crowd holding American flags and woman bending over to shake hand of older man in a wheel chair.

Thanking people in person can be difficult. I used to get choked up a bit, stumble over my words and have a hard time thanking the veterans I interacted with. This is a case of practice makes it easier when thanking people in person.

Don’t let your hesitation or not knowing what to say get in the way of saying thank you to a veteran. We all need to get better about taking the time to look a veteran in they eye, shake their hand and say, “Thank you for serving.” It’s that simple and it’s the least we can do to honor their service to our country.

If you’d prefer to use Veterans Day cards to express your appreciation, you can use these printable cards to thank every veteran you know (and look for veterans you don’t know). Giving a card with a personal note is a meaningful and simple way to recognize a special veteran.

What to Say in A Thank You Note to a Veteran

  • Keep it simple and authentic
  • Many veterans deal with conflicting emotions about their service and being thanked. Stick with “Thank you for your service.”
  • Don’t gush about being a hero or doing heroic acts. This is often a complicated issue for veterans.
  • A few sentences saying thank you, you appreciate them and remember them are sufficient.
  • You can include thanking military families for their service when you thank veterans.
  • For more card writing tips see, Thank You Veteran Card Writing Tips

Ideas for Using Thank a Veteran Cards

  • Give to a family member and veterans you know.
  • Carry the cards with you and hand them out to veterans you see during the course of your day.
  • Mail them to veteran nursing homes.
  • Mail them to your local VA hospital.
  • Mail them to your local VFW or American Legion.
  • Contact your local police or fire department and ask how many veteran they have. Often many military veterans go onto to serve the community in law enforcement or with the fire department.
  • Attach them to small gifts to drop off at one of the above locations.
  • Many veterans organizations make military care packages for military members. Drop off a bunch of these thank a veteran cards for the veterans generously continuing to serve by making care packages.
Images of 4 blue with with stars veterans day cards

Thank a Veteran Cards Free Printable

  • You can download these free printable cards for your own use when you sign up for our free weekly newsletter.
  • Print the greeting cards out. You can use computer paper, but I prefer to use card stock paper because it’s sturdier and makes a nicer presentation as a card.
  • Cut out the 4 cards. 
  • Fill each star with one thing that you’re able to do because of the freedom that a veteran has assured you.  It can be serious (my daughters can attend school) or not so serious (I can drink overpriced coffee whenever I want) or a mix of the two. 
  • This is a great writing activity for children and to generate meaningful conversations between you and your child. 
  • It’s also a great activity for an adult to sit down and take a minute to think of 5 things you enjoy that you can thank a veteran for.
  • There’s plenty of space on the back of the card to express your thoughts.
Free Thank a Veteran Cards
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More Ideas to Create Veterans Day Greeting Cards

  • Print these cards out and attach to them to one side of a full 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Fold it in half to make a traditional foldable card.
  • Use these 10 printable Thank a Veteran cards.
  • Create your own cards in Word, PowerPoint, or online graphics program. You can use:
    • Old photos of the service member in uniform
    • Stock photos of veterans images, the American flag or other patriotic scenes
    • Stock graphics
    • Text expressing military appreciation
  • Have children draw pictures. These are always a hit with veterans because they’re such a pure expression of gratitude.
group of veterans in front of WWII memorial

Please take the time to thank at least one veteran each day this week.  Use these Thank a Veteran Cards, the additional card ideas, make your own cards, or simply say thank you.  Just do it. 

Resources for Creating and Using Your Printables

More Thank a Veteran, Military Member and Military Family Ideas

Thank You Veteran Card Writing Tips – Tips for writing thank you veteran cards and where to send the cards. Grab your free copy of writing tips that work perfectly for deployed troops, military care packages, and Armed Forces Day, too.

tip sheet, card, blue envelope, blue, pen and flag stamps with text overlay

Thank Our Veterans Free Printable – Make an easy gift envelope with this free printable to thank our veterans for Veterans Day or anytime. Use this free printable for a Random Act of Kindness.

Ideas for What to Donate to a Veterans Hospital.

overhead view of thank a veteran envelopes with patriotic bandages.

Cards to Support Our Troops – Use this free printable to create cards to support our troops. Also, create cards to share with deployed troops to send to their families.

Free printable cards to Help a Military Family.

A printable card to thank a veteran from my friend, Holly at Pink Fortitude.

red white and blue cards with text overlay

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  1. Susan, so wonderful of you to do this. We can never thank our Veterans enough, or teach our children what it means to be free. Big hugs, Holly

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