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Originally published October 20, 2017 and updated November 7, 2022.

Use my favorite free Christmas planner printables to organize your Christmas season so you can focus on what’s more important to you while saving money and reducing stress.

Every Can you believe that the Christmas season is just around the corner? I don’t know whether to squeal with delight or in fear of all there is to do. I’m a big believer in the benefits of being organized. Staying organized reduces my stress level, saves me money and time, and increases the time and energy that I have to focus on family, friends and the reason for the season.

red and white planner sheets on desktop with candy canes and pine branches.

All my adult life I’ve had a love-stress relationship with Christmas. I love the magic, generosity, love and warmth of Christmas. But, I also tend to stress out about how much there is that I want to and need to get done in a limited time. All this is at a time when I really want to be focused on the meaning of the season and on my family and friends, not on a very long To Do List and all the things that I forgot to plan for.  That’s where my Christmas planner comes to the rescue.

If you’re looking for free Christmas planner printables, look no further!

Free Christmas Planner Printables

There are so many commitments we have (or think we have) during the Christmas season. They’re not bad things, it’s just that there are so many of them and there’s a limited amount of time.

Reasons to Use a Free Printable Christmas Planner

  • Holiday planner keeps you on task during this busy holiday season.
  • Reduces your stress level.
  • Allows you to focus on celebrating the meaning of the season.
  • Use the printable sheets that work for your unique needs.
  • Helps you plan decorating the house, the tree and yard.

  • Saves you money by creating and sticking to a Christmas budget.
  • Also, saves you money by planning gift ideas and grocery shopping to stay within your holiday budget.
  • Allows you to plan on making DIY gifts and other projects.
  • Think about “what do I want for Christmas” so that you can have actual ideas this time when family asks you what you want
horizontal collage of images of checklists in Christmas planner.

Using Christmas Planning Printable To Do Lists has always been my secret weapon to doing everything I want (and have) to do while still enjoying the important things about Christmas. This year, I’ve created printable Christmas planner checklists that I can use and you can access for your own personal use. Simply sign up for our free newsletter and you’ll gain immediate access.

In these free printable Christmas Planner printables you’ll get:

  • Christmas Goal Planner
    • Set your personal goals for this Christmas season first. This makes it easier for you to set all your other priorities and your schedule.
  • Purposeful Acts of Kindness Planner
    • Putting others and helping others before any other Christmas plans, keeps the holiday spirit and true meaning of Christmas in focus. 
  • Christmas Budget Planner
    • There are so many things we’d all like to do for others and our families, but the reality is that we need to live within our budgets. Establish your budget for this Christmas season with this planner that is broken out into categories to make planning easier. 
  • Christmas Gift Planner
    • Planning gifts for everyone on your list helps save you time and money and helps you find just the right gift for each person.  You can take the gift tracker planner pages with you to use as shopping lists for your gift buying.
      • Gifts for your whole family
      • Gifts for your friends
      • Neighbor gifts
      • Gifts for coworkers
  • Christmas Card Planner
    • It’s easy to get overwhelmed with cards, photos, newsletters and what you want to share. This planner helps you easily plan out exactly what you want to do this year. 
  • Christmas Card Tracker 
    • This Christmas card list helps you keep track of who sent you cards and who you sent cards to each year, complete with addresses and whether you sent a card, photo or both. 
  • Baking Planner
    • Just like handmade gifts, homemade baked goods are a special treat, but take a bit of time and planning for your holiday baking. 
  • Christmas Menu Planner
    • Cooking the Christmas dinner on Christmas day doesn’t have to be daunting with this holiday menu planner. 
  • Night Before Christmas Planner
    • There are a lot to things we have to accomplish the night before Christmas and in the excitement and chaos, you don’t want to forget a single one. 
  • Christmas Day Planner
    • Planning your must-do tasks for Christmas day allows you to focus on enjoying the magic of the day, while still accomplishing your must-do’s. 

It contains 14 pages in 11 categories. You can print as many copies of each page in the free Christmas planner as you need. 

To Get the Free Christmas Planner

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As a special opportunity for Organized 31 Exclusive subscribers, if you enjoy celebrating the Christmas holiday season, you definitely want to check out this limited time low price offer on the 140-page Christmas Planner & Gift Giving Bundle with more planner options in addition to gift tags and more!

collage of many colorful images of Christmas planner and gifting images.

More Free Christmas Printables

Christmas Organizing Labels – Use these free printable Christmas labels to identify your decoration storage boxes. Organization will help you save time during this busy season.

image of two Christmas decoration tubs with printable labels with text overlay.

Yearlong Gift Planner – Free printable gift lists and planner for the entire year. Planning ahead helps you stay on budget, reduce gift giving stress and find the right gift for each person.

overhead view of colorful checklist on pink background.

Free Christmas Printable Gift Tags – Free Christmas Printables can be used as Christmas cards, place cards, gift tags & more. Use them as is or for an easy embellishment craft for kids or yourself.

square gift tags with Christmas images laying on white wood table

Best Family Christmas Movies – 30 of the best family Christmas movies from the past 70 years with movies for every age & interest. Create a family movie watching tradition.

retro TV with Christmas tree and printable sheet.

Use this monthly meal planner when planning holiday meals for the days before and after the Christmas day.

If you’d like a December calendar planner page, you can use this free printable calendar printable.

Fun Christmas Printables and Games

Hallmark Christmas Movie Scavenger Hunt – Is watching Hallmark Christmas movies a new holiday tradition? Make it even more fun with these free printable scavenger hunt cards – perfect for a party.

images of red, white and green Hallmark Christmas Movies scavenger hunt cards with text overlay.

Christmas Memory Matching Game – 96 different free printable Christmas Memory Matching Game cards. Design the game as you’d like and create fun traditions & memories.

colorful Christmas memory matching game boards

These six free Christmas tree coloring pages are perfect for children and adults of all ages. You can download and print them immediately for Christmas fun.

box of colored pencils on desk next to Christmas tree coloring sheet.

Resources for Creating and Using Your Printables

More Ideas for the Best Christmas

collage of 10 images of Christmas planner pages with title text reading Free Christmas Planner Printables 14 different pages

You can find all our best Christmas printables, activities, crafts and recipes in the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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