Hallmark Christmas Movies Scavenger Hunt

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Originally published October 28, 2019 and updated November 16, 2022.

Make your holiday season even more fun with this Hallmark Christmas Movies scavenger hunt free digital download with 10 different cards. Ideas included for watching Christmas Hallmark movies and for throwing a movie watching party.

Let me be honest, in the past couple of years somehow Hallmark Christmas movies have become one of my favorite new holiday traditions. I love watching the movies with my teen and 20-something daughters. This year we’re going to make our binge watching even more fun with these free printable Hallmark Christmas movies scavenger hunt game cards.

10 different red and green scavenger hunt game boards.

In the past three years, watching Hallmark Christmas movies has become something I look forward to for the entire month of December. My daughters and I enjoy binge watching the movies together and we now have favorites that we look for on the schedule.

Sometimes my husband and teen son even join us. We all have fun anticipating the plot lines and laughing at some of the twists. This year, we’re going to have even more fun watching by playing along with these Hallmark Christmas movies scavenger hunt game cards.

How to Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies for Fun

Check the Hallmark Christmas Movies List

Be sure to check the Hallmark Christmas movie schedule early each year. Often the movies begin playing well before December and you don’t want to miss a single one! In fact they started right after Halloween this year, so be sure to check the Hallmark channel schedule.

Pick Your Favorites

If you’ve been watching Hallmark Christmas movies long enough to have favorites, be sure to either schedule time to watch them or record them.

If you have favorite Hallmark Christmas movies, you can

  • Decorate to mimic the town’s Christmas celebration
  • Decorate to replicate a special scene from the movie
  • Assign favorite actors to guests and have special prizes when they find their actor. Some familiar Hallmark actors and actresses are
  • Kim Shaw
  • Candace Cameron Bure
  • Kevin McGarry
  • Katheryn Kohut
  • Treat Williams
  • Lacey Chabert
  • Holly Robinson Pete
  • Matthew Stefiuk

Decide When to Watch Hallmark Christmas Movies

You can make it a holiday season tradition to catch the movies each night. Or you can record your favorites and then schedule binge watching marathons on the weekends.

Make it a Party

  • Invite friends and family over to have a Hallmark Christmas movie watching party.
  • You may find this 14-page free Christmas planner a big help to in your party planning.
  • Have everyone dress in a Christmas theme.
    • Christmas Sweater
    • Festive Christmas Outfit
    • Christmas Pajamas
    • Christmas Hats or Scarves
    • Dress as your favorite Hallmark Christmas movie character
Hot Cocoa Bomb Recipe Book on tablet next to ingredients for a recipe

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overhead view of 3 paper craft santa suits with pine branches and text overlay reading Simple Christmas Ideas

Make Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinks and Snacks

Get Appropriately Cozy

Hallmark Christmas Movies Scavenger Hunt

How to Print the Scavenger Hunt Game Cards

To get your free Hallmark Christmas Movie Scavenger Hunt, simply sign up for our free exclusive content below. You’ll receive immediate access to printable scavenger hunt pdf and will have access to all exclusive content on Organized 31, which includes hundreds of printable resources.

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Here is your printable Hallmark Christmas Movie Scavenger Hunt pdf.

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collage of many colorful images of Christmas planner and gifting images.

  • You can use regular computer paper, but I prefer to use white card stock paper because it’s sturdier. If you’re using these scavenger hunt cards for a party, be sure to use card stock paper because it’s just a bit more luxurious.
  • You can print as many copies as you’d like.
  • Please share the link to this post rather than the pdf if you’d like to share with family or friends.
collage of 10 red and green Christmas scavenger hunt game boards

How to Play a Hallmark Christmas Movies Scavenger Hunt

  • Give each player their own game card. If you have more than 10 players you can either print multiple copies of the Hallmark Christmas movie scavenger hunt cards and pass them out or have players team up to create 10 teams.
  • Give players a clipboard and pen or marker.
  • Determine whether the winner will be the one to complete the entire card first or the one to complete the most blocks.
  • You can also use the scavenger hunt game cards as bingo cards. The winner will be the first to complete all the blocks in a row or column.
  • If you’re binge watching, you can use the same card until it’s completed or start a new card with each new movie.

What are we waiting for?! Let’s get ready and settle in for many happy weeks of Hallmark Christmas movies watching with a scavenger hunt this year. Pin for later so you can find these game cards year after year for yourself and to share with friends.

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