Free Printable – Family Story Jewelry Tags

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I recently inherited family jewelry from two different sides of my family. One person had written a brief history of each item and placed it in the box with the item. It was fun to read the stories behind the jewelry pieces. And let me be clear, some of the jewelry was costume jewelry and most of it is not worth much other than sentimental value. Regardless of the dollar worth (or lack of) for the jewelry, the sentimental worth is priceless and made even more so with the stories behind the pieces. It made me think that I want to do the same for the jewelry that I have and will pass onto my children and grandchildren some day. I decided to make free printable family story jewelry tags that you can use to share your family story about jewelry items that are special to you.

top image of ring and bracelet in box with free jewelry tag printable overlay with title text reading Free Printable Jewelry Tags for Family Heirlooms

I love that I have these notes about jewelry that belonged to my grandmother and other family members. It makes those sentimental family heirlooms even more special. Knowing how much it means to me to find these handwritten notes, I decide to create a jewelry tag that I can fill out with personal details to accompany each piece of jewelry, whether it’s costume jewelry from the 80’s (hello plastic Gumby and Pokey earrings) or the queens jewels (still waiting for those to show up)

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Since I grew up in a military family, served in the military myself and am now married to a military member, I’ve lived in many different states and countries. I’ve collected unique jewelry pieces from around the world. The pieces are not worth much, but they still have interesting stories and special meaning to our family. I want to make sure those stories and family history are passed onto to my children and my children’s children. 

Free Printable – Family Story Jewelry Tags

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Print out the free printable Family Story about Jewelry Tags, cut them out, fill them out and then place a tag with each piece of jewelry that has meaning to you. 

You can use the back of the jewelry tag to expand on the story or history of the piece of jewelry if necessary. 

I’m off to get to work on writing stories about the jewelry I’ve collected over the years from the many places I’ve traveled. I hope you find this free printable family story jewelry tag helpful for identifying your family treasures. 

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  1. That would be neat to have a handwritten note from a family member attached to the jewelry. I have quite a few of my grandma’s pieces and it would’ve been nice to find out the history behind them. Your printables look very nice and I like the pink wording on them.

  2. Thank you so much for this delightful family story jewelry tag! Brilliant idea! You have created something that will be meaningful for many people. So kind of you to give to all for free. ā™„

    1. Thank you, Anne. I glad that you’ve found it helpful. šŸ™‚ I know how much my mom’s notes mean to me.

  3. Thank you so much for your templates. As I am in the high risk category for the Covid19 I will be filling these out this week in case my children or husband should need the information. I praying that I will be spared but it never hurts to be prepared. I love the the jewelry tag as I have several pieces from my mom and sister that are special and this is a great idea.

    God Bless you and keep you and your family safe!

    1. Karen, I admire you for thinking ahead at such a difficult time. And I’m counting on us exchanging stories about this time in a few months! (really, I’d love if you’d drop me an email and let me know how you’re doing!) Take care and stay safe with your family, too.

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