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A good study planner is a key to academic success. It allows you to be in charge of your schedule and tasks rather than just reacting (and usually in a panic) as things come up or you happen to remember them. This free printable planner is easy to use and makes school and homework organization actually doable.

collage of 2 images, first is stack of open spiral notebooks & 2nd is image of 5 different study planners and homework planners with title text in between reading free 3 Page Study Planner in 5 different color combos

I’m a professional organizer, parent educator and mom of three. I know that using a school planner increases academic success for students of all ages. Studies have shown that the act of writing tasks down helps your brain process the task and remember it much better.

I’m personally a big fan of planners and bullet journals. Writing tasks down helps you process them differently than when you type them or speak them into an app. The physical act of writing aids your brain in processing/understanding the task and in remembering it. If you’re a visual learner, seeing the task written down also help you remember it better.

Think of your phone or computer – what happens when you have too many apps or too many windows open? The function and speed is decreased. It’s the same with your brain as you try to “just remember” all the things you have to do. Don’t be deluded into thinking you can remember all your homework assignments. Trust me (and the research), you need to use a study planner.

Study Planner

A study planner is also known as:

  • Homework Planner
  • School Planner
  • Student Planner
  • (Just a plain ol’) Planner

You will use your study planner to:

  • Keep track of school assignments, quizzes and tests
  • Keep track of due dates
  • Break large projects down into a process of manageable tasks
  • Schedule the component tasks of a project
  • Track the completion of the components of the project
  • Plan your day, classes, appointments and tasks to maximize your efficiency
  • Have one place to find everything you need to know about your schedule and your assignments (no more frantically searching for scraps of paper or a message)
7 different images of study planner pages in different color combinations

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Here is your printable Homework Study Planner pdf.

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How to Use a Study Planner

  • Use a study planner that allows you to remove pages after you’re done with them and add more pages as you need them. This helps keep your planner at a manageable size. Kids carry more than enough weight in their backpacks, they don’t need to carry extra pages.
  • A disc bound notebook system is my preferred planner binder and system. It makes it easy to add and remove pages. You can even easily change the sequence of pages in the notebook. They come in a range of colors:
  • You can also use a 3-ring binder (this version is available in in 12 different colors and is under $5) or ring clips (these come in a range of colors).
  • You need to use the first month of school to develop the habit of using your study planner. Set reminders on your phone and use sticky notes to remind you to add to your homework planner after each class and to check your student planner multiple times a day.
  • Be committed to using your study planner. Just carrying it around with you is useless. You have to be faithful in writing assignments in the planner and then checking the planner when doing your homework.

  • When to check your school planner:
    • When you sit down at the start of each class to see if you have any questions to ask or assignments to turn in.
    • When your teacher gives you assignments or just before you leave each class.
    • As soon as you get home, so you can plan your homework load for the day.
    • Refer to the study planner several times while you are doing your homework to make sure you don’t forget any tasks.
    • Just before you finish up with your homework to make notes for the next day.
  • Add note pages to your study planner so that you always have a spot to write down anything you need to remember.
  • Add document pockets to hold loose papers or forms that you need.

This free printable study planner contains:

  • A Homework Planner
    • Use it to record assignments each day
    • Use it to record homework, quizzes, tests or forms that need to be turned in on a specific day
  • A Schedule Planner
    • Use it to keep track of daily and weekly classes, extra-curricular activities, appointments and scheduled quizzes or tests
    • Use it to schedule study time around your activities and appointments
  • A Project Planner
    • Use it to break large projects down into the sequence of required tasks
    • Use it to schedule and track the completion of required tasks
    • It allows you to plan ahead for large projects and complete them over time, rather than wait until the night before

While you can print it on computer paper, I recommend printing your study guide on sturdier paper so that it will hold up better. If you’re interested in the free study planner in one of the other four color combinations,

  • Navy and Lime Green
  • Black and Pink
  • Purple and Light Green
  • Black and Grey

Consider whether you want to print the planner pages front to back and what order you want to print your planner pages.

I recommend printing 2 months’ worth of pages at a minimum. You don’t want to run out of planner pages for your student’s planner.

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  1. Very nice! I agree that there is something about writing things down by hand that makes it stick with you more. I greatly enjoy using a paper planner. I know a lot of kids today rely on being able to “look up the homework online” when they get home, but you never know what might happen if you rely on technology. A combination of the two is probably the best. Write it down if you can, and then check to make sure you have it right when you get home. I think teachers can help by providing homework assignments in class and encouraging kids to record them before they leave the room.

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