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I’ve been a believer in and practitioner of purposeful shopping for years. I think about which companies and causes I want to support with my purchases and then choose to purposefully shop for items from those companies. There are many different causes that I support with my purposeful shopping, but if you know me, you know that purchasing items that are Made in the USA is a cause very close to my heart. Shopping for clothing that is Made in America is challenging these days. Knowing which brands to look for makes it a bit easier. I created a free printable shopping list to help me search out jeans Made in the USA when I go shopping.

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With a family of five, you can imagine that we go through quite a few pairs of jeans each year. As much as I want to purposefully shop for Jeans Made in the USA, I’m also a busy and forgetful mom. I kept forgetting which companies manufacture here in the US. I kept getting frustrated searching through jeans to find the elusive tag with tiny print telling me where each pair of jeans was manufactured. Argh! But frustration was the mother of invention and so I made a shopping list that I can keep in my purse listing brands that manufacture their jeans in America. No more forgetting and no more endless searches for tags.

Jeans Made in the USA Shopping List

I’m a fan of Mrs. American Made’s style blog. She shares outfits that feature clothing items Made in the USA.  Recently she wrote about wearing black jeans and shared a list of her favorite companies that manufacture jeans here in the U.S.  

Reading her list made me realize that I could create a shopping list of brands to look for when we go jean shopping. Have a list of brands to specifically look for will save me time and frustration. Yea!

This list doesn’t guarantee that every single item is manufactured in the U.S., but it helps you target brands that do manufacture here. Always check tags in individual items to make sure. 

image of red, white and blue shopping checklists for jean brands that are made in the USA

Grab your copy of the free printable Jeans Made in the USA Shopping List to take with you on your next shopping trip.

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Here is your printable Jeans Made in the USA Shopping List pdf.

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You can also keep a list next to your computer for online shopping. Are there any brands that manufacture in America that I’ve missed? Please let me know so I can add them to this Jeans Made in the USA Shopping List.  Happy purposeful jeans shopping. 

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  1. Such a great list and love that you made a sheet that I can tuck in my purse. Like you, I often forget the names of the brands I want to support.

  2. I never thought about making sure the clothes I buy are made in the USA, although I do that for produce. I’ll have to look this summer when we go back to school clothes shopping for my son. By the way, I like how you always put relevant posts under your current post.

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