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Updated on December 3, 2021

Having a calendar and planner that works for you is the key to staying focused and on-task all year long and free planning printables make that a snap.

This pretty fourteen-page planner has everything you need to set goals, plan your year,  plan your activities, keep track of tasks and appointments and keep track of important notes. You can print it out today and get started on a more organized life and more organized you.

numerous pages from a red and turquoise planner with title text reading Free Planner Printable 14-page planner & calendar

Using a planner helps you direct your own and your family’s activities rather than just reacting (in a panic) to activities and appointments as they pop up. You don’t have to purchase an expensive planner system to stay organized and reduce your stress.

What is a printable planner?

A planner is basically a beefed up calendar. A printable planner is one that you can download and print out on your own printer (no need to go out to the store).

The advantage of printable planner pages is that you can design your own planner by choosing the planner pages, different layouts and page sizes to match the size of your planner.

Free planner printables are a great way to try different planning printables and different styles so you can find what works best for you – for free.

Why you should use paper planner printables:

  • Increase productivity
    • Set goals for yourself
    • Use habit trackers to monitor your progress towards your goals
    • Keep track of tasks 
    • Brainstorm
  • Improve time management
    • Keep track of activities and appointments
    • Schedule tasks to meet your needs and schedule
    • Keep track of deadlines
  • Reduce your stress
    • No more last-minutes cram sessions because you forgot about a deadline
    • No more missed appointments
  • Keep track of key information
    • No more losing phone numbers, due dates or important information
  • The act of writing helps you remember and helps you process information in a way that doesn’t happen with digital planners

Free Planning Printables

I personally use both a bullet journal and this free planner printable depending on my needs, how busy I am and even my mood. The great thing about a printable planner versus a bullet journal is that you simply print it out and start using it with very little set up required. 

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Here is your 14-page planner printable pdf.

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collage of multiple colorful organizing checklists.

You can print it on copier paper, but I recommend using a heavier weight paper so that it holds up to daily use. You’ll be much happier with your planner and it will work better for you if you choose a better quality paper. 

You can use this free planner printable in any planner format that you prefer:

Close up view of several turquoise and red planner pages

This printable planner includes the following planner inserts:

  • A cover page
  • Important Contacts and Information Page
  • Yearly Goals Page
  • Yearly Overview – 4 pages to help you set your priorities and plan each month of the year
  • Monthly Planner Template with a Sunday start- Simply fill in the dates, your important dates and your appointments to create your monthly calendar planner insert
  • Weekly Planner Template – 2 pages for you with blank space to fill in with your appointments and daily tasks
  • Weekly Menu Planner
  • Monthly Bill Tracker
  • Monthly Purposeful Acts of Kindness Planner – Planned purposeful acts of kindness and charitable giving is an important part of any planner.

These free printables are for your personal use only.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using a Printable Planner

Do I Need Special Paper?

While you could print the free printable pages out on computer paper, you won’t be happy with it. It won’t feel or behave like a real planner. My favorite paper to use for printed planners is 32 lb paper. You’ll be happiest with how your planner works if you use 28-32 lb paper. 

Can I Print on My Own Printer?

Absolutely. I enjoy using my own planner printables because I can print them out at my convenience at home. I usually print on draft to save a bit of ink, but if you’d like a more luxurious planner experience, don’t scrimp on the ink. 

You can adjust the amount of ink used in the printer settings.

How do I Get It To Print Out Correctly?

I recommend printing a trial run on computer paper with the printer settings on draft and grey scale. This allows you to see exactly how everything will print out. 

It’s not always intuitive to know how to print the planner pages out so that they’re in the order that you’d like.

Every printer is different and we all think about how to do this differently. Here are two tutorials that I use whenever I’m printing out a new planner pdf.

Do I Need a Special Cover or Binder?

Absolutely not. You could just staple the pages together and go. But most of us prefer a planner that is set up like a notebook. I personally prefer the disc bound system because it’s so simple to remove and reposition pages. But you can use this printable planner in any binder or binding system that you prefer.

  • Disc Bound – There are many different disc bound systems.
  • 3-Ring Binder – You can use a basic 3-ring binder for find a pretty one that is perfect to hold a planner. 
  • Spiral Bound – You can take your printed planner to your local office supply or printing store and have them spiral bind it for you while you wait for a minimal cost.

Warning – The disc bound notebooks and discs come in different sizes, so please be careful in choosing the sizes. The 3-ring binders come with different configurations for the holes. You can always hand-punch the holes, but if you’d like to use a 3-hole punch, make sure your binder is in line with your hole punch. 

Resources for Creating and Using Your Printables

More Free Planning Printables

  • Garden Planner – Free garden planner with 10 pages to make your garden a success year after year. Also, included is list of the top 9 garden planner apps.
  • Yearlong Gift Planner Free printable gift planner for the entire year. Planning ahead helps you stay on budget, reduce gift giving stress and find the right gift for each person.
  • Monthly Meal Planner – A Free 6-page monthly meal planner to create reusable meal plans that you can use over and over again. Meal planning saves time and money so you can eat much better.
  • Grocery Lists – coming soon
  • Study Planner – Academic success is built on organization & discipline, so using a study planner is key. This free 3-page school planner comes in 5 different color combos.
  • Chore Charts– Free 4-page chore chart for kids printable that incorporates a reward system. Easily personalized with your child’s specific tasks.
  • Christmas Planner – Use these 14 pages of free Christmas Planner printables to get organized for the holidays. Focus on what’s really important, save money and reduce stress.
11 images of checklists and planner sheets for Christmas

Bullet journaling is popular. These printable template spreads are based on bujo concepts and can be used for bullet journaling or as your own personal planner.

  • Monthly Spread – Make creating your bullet journal a snap with this free printable bullet journal monthly spread. It’s available in both full-page and half-page sized versions.
  • Weekly Spread – The power of a bullet journal with the convenience of a free printable bullet journal weekly spread. Organize your appointments, tasks and priorities.
  • Daily Spread – Use this free printable bullet journal daily planner to organize your days, appointments and tasks with less stress and more success. Keep track of your daily schedule here for best results.
open planner with pink pen on white wood desk with pink and white clips
  • SMART Goals Worksheets – Set and achieve your goals with these free printable SMART Goals Templates. These worksheets help you purposefully set achievable, motivating goals.
  • Goal Setting Worksheet– Use these free printable goal setting worksheets to set your personal and work goals and to organize your schedule with a daily to do checklist. You can use them to set yearly, monthly or weekly goals.
  • Running To Do List – It’s challenging to keep track of to dos & tasks. A free printable Running To Do List is your answer to tracking & accomplishing them.
Rainbow colored Running To Do List on desk top

More Planner Options to Consider

  • Tidy Habit Planner Stickers – These printable planner stickers help you build 52 weeks of tidy habits to organize your home.
  • Best Planner for Moms– A list of my favorites and the best planners for moms based on my personal and my clients’ experience. I also share the factors you should consider when selecting the best planner for you.
  • Essential Guide to the Happy Planner – The Essential Guide to The Happy Planner has everything you need to start or to take this popular planner to the next level, including why I love my Happy Planner.
  • Best Budget Planner– Gain control of your finances and your life by creating, managing and tracking your budget with the best budget planner for you and your specific needs.
close up of the colorful pages of a Happy Planner

Are you ready for an organized and productive year thanks to these free planner printables? Pin now so that you can find this printable bundle each new year.

You can find all our best productivity and planner printables in the table below. You can scroll though the table and look for ideas or search for specific ideas with the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner (on desktop). Click on the topic and then click through the specific article.

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