Repurposed Christmas Cards

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Repurposed Christmas Card Gift Tags

I’ve been repurposing last year’s Christmas cards for years now.  With a quick cutting and punching you can turn old Christmas cards into new gorgeous gift tags.

My friend M. gave me the cards on the right that she “inherited” from an older family member.  I purchased the box of cards on the right at an after Christmas sale last January.

a box of Christmas cards and Christmas cards on a white table
a Christmas card being cut with a paper cutter

Using the cards that M. gave me, I simply cut them down with the paper trimmer.

part of a Christmas card being shaped with a corner rounder

I rounded the corners with a corner rounder, but I don’t do this to all the gift tags I make, just if the mood hits me.

                                                                                   I punched a hole and tied a piece of baker’s twine to the gift tag.  I often use scraps of ribbon from other projects to tie to gift tags that I make.
If the card has a smaller pattern, I use an ornament-shaped punch or a scalloped circle punch to make the gift tags.
gift tags made from recycled Christmas cards
Depending on the cards you use, you can create pretty gift tags…..
gift tags made from recycled Christmas cards
… children’s gift tags…..
character gift tags made from recycled Christmas cards
…. or gift tags for your cousin the veterinarian.
dog and cat gift tags made from recycled Christmas cards
I like that I can make the gift tags smaller or larger depending on the picture on the card and on what I need for a particular gift.
I usually stamp the back of the gift tags.  But sometimes I just leave the backs blank if I’m in a rush or distracted.
gift tags made from recycled Christmas cards, 2 of them have the word Merry Christmas stamped on them, and 2 of them have the words To and From stamped on them

I love being able to personalize the gift tags and I love doing my small part to make our family’s Christmas a little more earth-friendly green and spending a little less moolah green.

You can see some other gift tags I made and used on my Santa Sacks fabric gift bags.

If you like DIY Christmas gifts, check out my How to Add an Image to a Candle – Easy Tutorial.

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  1. I’ve done this before, but mine weren’t as nice. Using a punch and stamping the back gives them an extra touch. I’ll have to try it again. Thanks for posting!

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