Easy to Make Felt Gift Bags for Hanukkah or Christmas

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 I like to make reusable gift bags for the holidays and these felt gift bags are easy to make.  I really hate throwing away gift wrapping and these cute, DIY felt gift bags make your gift just that much more special.  But best of all, these gift bags are quick and easy to make. It’s a perfect idea for a beginning sewing project. 
a collage of blue and green felt gift bags with title text reading DIY Felt Gift Bags for Hanukkah & Christmas.

Felt Gift Bag

Felt Gift Bag Supplies

Felt – for the size bag you’d like to make
Sewing Machine or Fabric Glue (if you don’t want to sew)
Matching Thread
Fabric Scissors
Coordinating Ribbon

Felt Gift Bag Tutorial

You can use the craft-sized pieces of felt that you can find at any craft store.  Or if you want to make a larger felt gift bag, check for felt that is sold on the bolt in the fabric section.

Step One

I cut 2 rectangular pieces of felt for the front and back.  Then I cut one long rectangular piece to be the sides and bottom of the bag.
I simply cut the felt to the size felt gift bag I wanted. You could use the measurements of an existing paper gift bag you have if you’d like more specific directions.  
Personally, I really like that I can customize the size of the bag I want.  And I just cut the fabric to the size I want by eyeballing it. I don’t stress out over specific directions. That’s the great part about this project – it really is easy. 

Step Two

I sewed the long piece to one rectangle.  You could use fabric glue if you preferred, but this is truly a beginners level sewing project, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

Step Three

Once the felt gift bag was sewn together, I clipped slits in the bag to thread my ribbon through.  This allows the bag to be tied shut (no peeking) and adds the bow embellishment.

Step Four

If you’d like handles, I just traced where I wanted the opening in pencil and clipped it with my scissors. Yep, I simply clipped an opening to make handles on this bag. 
So in less than 5 minutes, I had a sweet little felt gift bag to give to my friend’s children gifts for Hanukkah. 

Step Five

And the felt gift bags also look cute without the handles, too. I used pinking shears to add a little decoration to the top of these bags without handles.
  The great part about these felt gift bags is you can add whatever details you want. Have fun and happy gift giving.
collage of felt gift bags in different styles and colors


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  1. Hi Susan – Ok so you know I don’t sew and I’m thoroughly impressed with these bags. I wonder if you could take the scraps of felt and use them to make gift card holders? Hummm…. Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Holly

  2. Great bags. I think a homemade gift bag would be so great because it is reusable. I can see these little bags being used for so many things!

  3. I love these bags. I guess you need some basic sewing skills, but if you have a machine, you could whip out a bunch of these in no time. Perfect for all those odd shaped gifts, and the bag becomes part of the present!

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