Halloween Rice Krispies Treats Ideas

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All three of my children are fans of the fantasy genre of books and movies. And I have a blast making fun food for Halloween parties. I mean, when else is anyone interested in eating food that looks like eyeballs? I decided that this year I wanted to make Halloween Rice Krispies Treats® that look like little edible magic spells books. It’s easy to make them to look like books from any favorite fantasy story or movie. With a bit of imagination and about 30 – 45 minutes, it’s easy to whip up a batch of these edible books with kitchen tools you probably already have.

plate with treats that look like spellbooks with title text reading Spell Books Rice Krispie Treats easy to make

These magic spell book Rice Krispies Treats are easy to make. Really. Look deep into my eyes and believe me (and yes, one of my eyes is a bit wonky, don’t judge)

2 cookies with candy eyes attached

You can make these edible books as easy or complicated as you choose.

These Rice Krispies Treat spell books look even more amazing in person. They’re almost too cute to eat. Alllll-most. 

spell book and DIY potion bottle with candy treats made to look like spell books

Halloween Rice Krispies Treats Ideas

boxes of cookies and treats with some scattered on table


  1. Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies Treats®
  2. Keebler® Cookie Mini Fudge Stripes
  3. Fondant – You can find it at your grocery store or craft store. I used the multi-pack skin tone fondant to get several different colors of book covers.
  4. White baking chips or candy melts
  5. White Frosting
  6. Candy Eyeballs
  7. Edible Food Markers
  8. Embellishments – Sprinkles, mini marshmallows and other food embellishments
collage of colorful worksheets with featured cover page with 3 ghosts with party hats.


  • Glass Bowl or Double Boiler Pan – to melt baking chips or candy melts
  • Knife or Spatula – to spread melted candy melts
  • Fork – to make the book pages
  • Silicone Mat or Wax Paper – to roll fondant out on
  • Rolling Pin – or glass with flat sides
  • Sharp Knife
  • Circle Cookie Cutter – or lid from sprinkles jar

I picked up most of my ingredients on a recent shopping trip to Harris Teeter, but you can find them at your local Kroger or Kroger banner store. You definitely want to check out the great offers and limited-time special pricing on Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats, Pringles® Snack Stacks and Keebler® Cookie and Cheez-It® Variety Packs. Now is the perfect time to stock up and and take advantage of the digital coupons to save on Kellogg products at Kroger stores.

I found the foundation of this fun food creation, Rice Krispies Treats that have been making memories for kids of all ages for generations, on the breakfast food aisle. Cookie Mini Fudge Stripes, which are made from 100% real cocoa and baked in the Hollow Tree®, and Cheez-It Variety Pack were located on the snack aisle. I found Pringles Snack Stacks, that are single-sized and perfect to enjoy yourself, on the chip aisle.

Step One

top image - hand holding rice krispie treat with knife spreading frosting, bottom image - hand holding treat and fork making lines in the frosting

Melt the white baking chips or candy melts according to the directions on the package. Spread the candy melt on three sides of the Rice Krispie Treats. Immediately drag a fork through the candy melt several times to create pages. 

side view of treats made to look like books

You could use white frosting in place of the candy melts, but the candy melts create better looking pages. Check out how great those pages look! The crumbles and rough edges add to the ancient, mystical book vibe.

Step Two

Roll the fondant out to about 1/16 inch thickness. Lay a Rice Krispie Treat on the fondant and cut a strip to wrap around like a book cover. The fondant is easy to cut with a sharp knife. 

rice krispie treat laying on black fondant with knife and rolling pin


  • Start with the lighter color fondant first because some of the color from the darker fondant can transfer onto the mat and tools.
  • Different colors of fondant have different consistencies. You can roll out the fondant several times, so if you’re not happy with the thickness or how the fondant holds it’s shape (or doesn’t hold it’s shape), don’t hesitate to knead the pieces together and start over.
  • Make a template from wax paper for the size of the book cover rectangle and use that to cut your book covers.
side view of treats made to look like bookx with brown fondant in foreground

You could leave these edible books just like this and impress your family and friends. But why stop here?

Step Three

top image - cookies with eyes added to make eyeballs, bottom image - candy eyes, frosting on toothpick and small cookies

Add a bit of frosting to the back of a candy eyeball and place it in the center of the Fudge Stripes Minis. I found it easiest to use a toothpick to add just a small bit of frosting to the back of the candy eye and then attach it to the cookie.

close up of treat that looks like spell book with "moste potente potions" as the title

Can you name the book series and movie that I paid homage to with these two edible spell books?

treat made to look like spell book with large eye on cover

Step Four

plate of spell book treats with numbers next to each book

Here is how I decorated my Halloween Rice Krispie Treats.

  1. I added a Fudge Stripes Mini with a candy eye ball and four mini marshmallows attached with frosting.
  2. I cut a circle out of fondant with a cookie cutter, wrote with the edible food marker, embellished with gold sprinkles and added black fondant stripes.
  3. I placed a Fudge Stripes Mini with a candy eyeball on the cover with frosting to hold it in place. I cut an eye-shaped oval from fondant and then cut the shape in half to create eyelids. I pressed the fondant eyelids around the cookie eyeball. 
  4. I added a Fudge Strips Minis eyeball attached with frosting, cut a rectangle from fondant and wrote “Brews” with the edible food marker. I cut a circle from fondant using the lid from the sprinkles jar. I then cut the circle into 4 pie-shaped pieces and added them at the corners of the cover.
  5. I cut strips and a small rectangle from fondant. I used a toothpick to create a keyhole on the rectangle.
  6. I cut a circle from black fondant with the edge of the sprinkles jar and added gold sprinkles to the black circle. I used the sprinkles jar lid to cut a larger circle from the pink fondant and cut the center out with the jar edge to create an overlay. I then cut a third circle into 4 pie-shaped pieces and added them at the corners of the cover.
  7. I cut a rectangle from fondant and used the edible food marker to write “Spells.” I added small rectangles cut from fondant to the four corners.
  8. There was no way I could write “Moste Potente Potions” in my handwriting with a food marker. My solution? I simply printed out the text that I wanted on paper, cut it out and attached it with tiny amounts of icing. Simply have to have people remove those slips of paper before eating the treat. I used a sharp knife to cut the scroll shapes out of fondant.
  9. I cut a rectangle out of fondant and wrote “Potions” with the edible food marker and cut the black stripes from fondant.

More Fun Halloween Ideas

This would be a fun food craft to make with older kids or younger ones with your assistance. I know I’ll be making more of these Halloween Rice Krispie Treats Ideas for every party I can wrangle an invitation to just so I can make more. Be sure to check out the Kellogg social hub for more creative inspiration.

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  1. Love love Love! These are so awesome!! Thank you for a thorough tutorial – I will definitely be picking up these items at the grocery store, so I can make these with my kids. Thank you!

  2. Susan, these treats are seriously the cutest things ever! I am seriously thinking about making them for the Halloween party we are attending. So clever! #client

  3. My daughter was (and still is) a huge book fan. She would have loved these little treats. I never thought of using fondant for anything but a cake – brilliant!

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