Special Effects 31 – Fake Wound from Household Ingredients

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My 11-year old son has discovered an interest in special effects make-up.  He’s happy to be able share another easy effect using household ingredients with you just before Halloween. You can make this fake wound from household ingredients today.

child's arm with DIY bloody special effects wound with title text reading Fake Wound From Household Ingredients

 Special Effects – DIY Wound from Household Ingredients

  •  Petroleum jelly
  • Red food coloring
  • Toilet paper
  • A plastic spoon or knife
  • Fake blood {we showed you how to make DIY fake blood from household ingredients last week}
jar of petroleum jelly, bottle of red food dye, small blue scoop and bag of red gel
Put a drop of red food coloring where you want your wound to be. 
red food coloring being dropped onto forearm
Smear the food coloring around until it is about as large as the area you want the wound to be.
hand rubbing red dye on forearm
 Put petroleum jelly (use lots) on the area of food coloring. 
hand with white stick spreading gel on child's forearm
 Smear the petroleum jelly around until it is mostly smooth and covers the entire area. 
a hand rubbing vaseline on a child's forearm
 Tear the piece of toilet paper into two smaller pieces.  These 2 pieces together should cover the entire area of petroleum jelly. 
hands tearing apart toilet paper
Place one piece so it covers half of the petroleum jelly with the straight edge in the middle. 
child's arm with special effects red gooey gel and paper towel on top
 Now put the other piece on the remainder of the petroleum jelly.  Line the straight edges up in the middle of the area.  Make sure the straight edges overlap as little as possible (T. fixed the edges that overlapped too much in the photo above). 
child's arm with pieces of paper towel on top
Wait until the toilet paper absorbs the petroleum jelly. To speed up the process, gently add a little petroleum jelly on top of the toilet paper and smear it around. 
hand rubbing special effects blood on forearm
 After the toilet paper has absorbed the petroleum jelly, use the plastic knife or end of the plastic spoon to make a long indentation along the line where the 2 toilet paper pieces meet. 
hand holding blue plastic knife creating special effects wound on forearm
Add fake blood in the middle of the cut. Tilt your arm so the blood spreads and drips from the cut. 
child's arm with special effects bloody wound
Happy Halloween, hear your sisters scream.

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  1. I have to say that the cut looks so real! I am going to have to show this to Big! I see this happening in our house soon. We are going to do a Zombie walk and I am sure this will be a big part of it!

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