Potion Bottles – Light Bulb Upcycling Ideas

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If you know me, you know I live for upcycling ideas and these potion bottles from recycled light bulbs are one of my favorites. Since I also live for crafting, when both of those passions collide in one project, I’m one happy mama.  These upcycled potion bottles make great Halloween decorations, party decorations, props for imaginative play or a drama performance.

2 Potion Bottles made from upcycled light bulbs siting on stack of spell books

You may remember that I get together once in a while with my friend, J., for crafting. She kindly brought me the upcycled craft idea and all the items I needed to make this light bulb recycle craft. It’s absolutely perfect for Halloween or anytime you need DIY potion bottles.

My friends and family bring me all their trash recyclable treasures for me to repurpose. It’s become a joke with friends. Long ago I got over being embarrassed by it and now I’m always excited by the creative inspiration that recycled items brings and I appreciate that my friends think of me (although, it amuses me that when they’re about to throw away an item they think, “Oh, no, wait! I bet Susan could do something with this piece of trash. Let me put it somewhere safe and hold onto it until the next time I see her.)

Light Bulb Recycle Craft 

I am so charmed by these upcycled potion bottles. My kids think they’re super cool, too. We all agree that they look like a magician’s apothecary bottles. 

How To


large lightbulbs, labels, sponge brush, jar of Mod Podge and black tape

Step One

Print your chosen labels out on printer paper or card stock paper. Cut the labels out.

Step Two

Decoupage the labels onto the light bulbs. I prefer the matte look of the paper, so I only use the decoupage glue on the back of the label. If you want to make the labels more durable, paint the decoupage glue on the front of the label once you’ve adhered it to the light bulb. 

Step Three

wine cord cut in half and roll of black tape on white table

Carefully cut the cork in half. I used a bread knife and a cutting board (or to be honest, my husband used a bread knife and cutting board). You can use the cork in it’s original size, but I prefer the proportion of the smaller piece of cork to the height of the light bulb bottle. 

Step Four

hand wrapping tape around top of light bulb and cork

Use a strip of duct tape to attach the cork to the top of the light bulb bottle.  Take time to make sure your cork is centered and upright on the top of the bulb. This is the most difficult part of the craft since the light bulb end is curved. Just fuss with it a bit and the cork will stay straight and then press the tape tight to hold it there. 

3 felt pads on bottom of light bulb with potion bottle craft sitting next to it

It bothered me that the potion bottles didn’t stand up straight because the bottom of the light bulb is curved. I simply added felt pads to the bottom of the light bulb to stabilize the light bulb bottle. 

2 potion bottles from upcycled light bulbs with magic book in background

It only took about 15 minutes to make these repurposed light bulb potion bottles and cost me nothing since all the supplies were things I already had (thanks to my friend, J., for the used light bulbs). 

Can’t you just see these used as props in a play or haunted house setting? Of course, be careful, since they are extremely fragile. And those glass fragments would be dangerous. 

Close up of 2 potion bottles with empty bottles in the background

This would be a great kids craft. Be sure to supervise children closely since the light bulb is very fragile.

More Upcycled Craft Ideas You Can Make with Kids

Doesn’t this light bulb recycle craft look great with my recycled book Halloween decorations?  And, yes, I’d love all your used light bulbs so I can make more of these upcycled potion bottles

Pin this upcycled light bulb potion bottle for later crafting inspiration.

2 Potion Bottles made from upcycled light bulbs siting on stack of spell books

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  1. Ok, these are adorable. I love all things holiday… and look at this clever way to reuse those big old lightbulbs. Terrific one, Susan!

  2. What a clever way to repurpose old floodlight bulbs! The potion bottles turn out so cute. Such an inexpensive and practical way to decorate for Halloween. Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. I am loving these Potion Bottles. I can see myself making a few of these and adding them to my mantle this Halloween! Such a great way to use old light bulbs.

  4. LOVE these! What a perfect use of old lightbulbs to get into the Halloween spirit. I am really inspired by how you upcycle items and transform them into perfect décor.

  5. This is such a fun craft and perfect for a Halloween party. Very creative I would have never thought of this.


  6. What an awesome idea!! I love seeing old things get a new life. Pinned this one for when one of ours blows out! 🙂

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