Edible Wizard’s Crafts

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overhead view of red and white Christmas stocking with  DIY magic wand, decorated packages with antique style labels and black writing on white table

Do you know a wizard or magical story fan? I do. I know three of them. I like to make fun novelties for my children to give as gifts or treats. Treats that relate to my kids’ interests lets them know I’m interested in what interests them. Harry Potter and all things related to wizards and magic is exciting in my house. These edible wizard’s crafts are perfect stocking stuffers or party favors. They’re easy to make in bulk and are big hit with wizard and magic fans.

Making wizard’s crafts is a fun kids’ craft activity to make with your children, but I wanted to make these treats to put in my tween and teen’s stocking. I don’t know why edible crafts are just that much more magical, but they are.

How fun is a wizard’s wand make from snacks, exploding victuals made from microwave popcorn and a winter warmth potion that is hot cocoa mix?! Yes, pretty cool and fun. It will only take you about 10 minutes to make all three of these treats and you could make enough to fill three stockings in about 20 minutes. 

Edible Wizard’s Crafts


Meat stick snack or any long, wand-like snack

Act II Microwave Popcorn – One box will make three exploding vicutals treats. 

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix Packets – I found this box with colorful marshmallows that makes the winter warmth potion even more magical. One box will make eight winter warmth potion treats with two packets (or 16 with one cocoa packet).

Brown Packing Tape or Washi Tape

Clear or Colorful Bead – I used beads from a holiday floral pick that I got on sale.

Small Colorful Rubber Bands Small craft bands used to make bracelets are perfect. 

Clear Tape

Brown Lunch Sack or Card Stock Paper 

Ribbon, Twine or Leather Lace Choose a ribbon that looks old (like a wizard might use).

Brown Stamp Pad or Crayon 

overhead view of box of microwave popcorn, box of hot chocolate mix and box of Slim Jims with craft supplies and tape scattered around

Paper Cutter or Scissors 

Edible Wizard Wand

For each wand you’ll need three Slim Jim snack sticks. Lay the Slim Jims end-to-end and cut the packing tape about an inch longer. Place the Slim Jims on top of the packing tape (lay the Slim Jims as close together as possible, overlapping the ends of the Slim Jim packaging). Wrap the tape around the Slim Jims starting at the middle of the wand. Place the bead at one end of the wand and wrap the tape to hold the bead in place. Twist the tape at the other end of the wand to make a point. Use clear tape to hold twisted packing tape in place.  Add sparkly washi tape and colorful rubber bands to add more detail to the wizard’s wand

collage of 5 images of steps to make DIY magic wand using Slim Jim snacks and tape

Exploding Victuals

overhead view of blue and yellow box of microwave popcorn packets, blue handled scissors, black cording, roll of tape, black marker and white craft paper

Wrap a brown paper sack or card stock paper around the microwave popcorn packet and secure in the back with tape. Use a permanent marker to label the treat. For tips on writing the label, check out my Easy Homemade Advent Calendar. Add ancient and wizard-y looking ribbon to embellish the treat pack.

collage of 3 images of steps to make brown paper wrapped "exploding victuals"

Winter Warmth Potion

2 images of steps to make decorated hot chocolate mix packets

Wrap card stock paper (I used sparkly card stock) or a paper lunch bag around the hot cocoa packets. If you’re using two hot cocoa packets, fold them in half and then wrap the paper around the packets and secure in the back with tape. (I found that the tape didn’t stick to my sparkly paper so I stapled it and then slid the hot cocoa packets into the sparkly paper sleeve). I used a brown ink stamp pad to darken the edges of my torn label to add a bit more age and mystery.  I used the sparkly washi tape to add a bit more magic to the treat packet. 

Edible Wizard’s Crafts

overhead view of DIY magic wand, DIY packet of "exploding victuals" and DIY packet of "Winter Warmth Potion" next to grey pouch with small glass bottles and blue and grey marbles scattered on white table

These Harry Potter inspired treats really are easy to make. They’re great stocking stuffers. Because they’re so easy to make, they’re perfect if you have a lot of stockings to stuff or need favors for a party.

Add mini magic potion bottles and a drawstring bag (you can make my DIY Dungeons and Dragons Drawstring Bag) to the edible wizard’s crafts and you have a fun, magical wizard or Harry Potter themed stocking. 

overhead view of red and white Christmas stocking with  DIY magic wand, decorated packages with antique style labels and black writing on white table

I know you’re already running down your gift list and thinking, “Who is a Harry Potter fan? Who is a wizard or fantasy book fan?” Don’t worry, these edible wizard’s crafts are so fun and tasty that they appeal to most people on your gift list.

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  1. This is just the coolest! I am a total Harry Potter nerd, and I love it! I also have a niece who is big into this stuff, so I am planning on recreating this as a fun Christmas gift. Thanks so much for the great tutorial!

  2. This is just the best idea I have ever seen! I know there are a lot of Harry Potter fans out there who would love this. So creative and fun.

  3. What a wonderfully fabulous idea! I have several Harry Potter fans on this end! I’ll definitely be pinning this post for later!

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