A Mother Daughter Letter for My College-Aged Daughters

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I’m not sure how it happened, but two of my “babies” are now in college. I am so proud of the women they are. They are intelligent, kind, hard-working, honorable, fun to be with, beautiful and people who I really like.

But no matter how grown up they are, they’ll always be my babies. I respect and support their right to make their own decisions and I don’t want to direct their lives.

But there is still so much I want to tell them. I’ve written a mother-daughter letter for my college-aged daughters, for my daughters and all young women. They need to truly know that they are invaluable and worth more, much more.

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I owe my mother a huge thank you (and hug). She raised me with unwavering self-esteem and the belief that I can do anything that I put my mind to. I want to pass along this treasured tradition with my mother-daughter letter sharing how valuable they are. 

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A Mother Daughter Letter to My Daugthers

When my first baby went to college, she told me stories about things that happened and decisions she was making. I did not want to be overbearing by telling her what to do, but I did advise her as she evaluated her choices to remember that she is worth more.

I’ve thought long and hard about those words and realized that it is now my purpose to make sure all my children understand that they are invaluable and worth the very best choices. I don’t mean this in a self-indulgent way (and my children know me, so they know that). I mean that that they are worth taking the time and putting in the work to make the tough choices, the choices that are the best ones for them, not just the easiest choices. I simply use the reminder, “You are worth more.”

I want my daughters to know that they should never settle for less because they are worth more. They don’t have to do anything to be “worthy” of more – they are worth more. Life can be challenging and you’re often faced with choices. Tough choices. Sometimes you have to make a choice between options when you don’t want any of them. As my daughters face each decision they make, I want them to know that they are worth more. I want them to choose the best for them every time and not settle for less. 

It’s not my place to tell them what choices they should make. I want to support them and remind them that they are precious and worth more, much more. I want to be the persistent reminder telling them and showing them that they are worth more and worth making the best choices for themselves.


This is my mother-daughter letter to my college-aged daughters and all women. You are worth more!

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  1. Aww, what a sweet thing to do for your daughters! I’m sure it will help them make their decisions. It is important for our daughters to know they’re worth it. College is hard and there are lots of challenges, so they need to know that. What a great mom you are!

  2. I love this! What a smart idea to do with young girls. I think it is so important to empower our daughters and make sure they know what they are worth. Thanks for sharing <3

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