Organizing with Repurposed Packaging – 1 Item 10 Different Ways

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a collage of 6 images showing how to use one plastic container in different ways with title text overlay reading Repurposed Packaging Organizing
I use repurposed packaging to organize around my house all the time.  It’s earth-friendly, free, doesn’t make me feel guilty with I don’t like it and recycle it, and the only limit is your imagination.
I started with an empty cotton swab box.
an empty cotton swab container
I trimmed off the edge.  If you find you have sharp points left, you can trim them with nail clippers.
showing how to cut the edge off a cotton swab container
Your imagination and organizing needs are the only limits.  Here are 10 ways I’ve used this same box in my home.

In the kitchen….

…for chip clips
chip clips in a plastic container
…for spices
spices organized in a plastic container
…for measuring cups and spoons
measuring cups and spoons organized in a plastic container
 …for hot cereal packets
oatmeal packets organized in a plastic container
 …for lunch snacks.
snack bars organized in a plastic container

In the office… 

…in the junk drawer to hold loose items
scissors and pens organized in a plastic container
…to hold note pads and pens by the phone.
pens and notepads organized in a plastic container

In the bathroom…

…to hold brushes and combs.
comb and brushes organized in a plastic container

In the dresser…

…to hold socks.
socks organized in a plastic container

In the toy room…

…to hold small toys.
red lego bricks organized in a plastic container
What ways can you think to use free, earth-friendly repurposed packaging to organize your home?

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  1. Wow Susan you are much more inventive than I am! I would have looked at that and said what could I do with this it doesn’t hold anything! You are awesome! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. Now why didn’t I think of that??? How about using them in the refrigerator to hold condiments? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thrifty cool idea! Thanks for linking up & sharing @ great to have you!Hope to see you again this week! Theresa

  4. Glad I am not the only one who does this. Found you over on Feeding Big’s linky party.

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